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yesterday by emory
When Are On-Premises Systems Justified?
"There is one more factor in favor of on-premises systems: Where there are regulatory requirements that the organization demonstrate control over the production environment. This includes FDA-regulated companies where a system is used to support regulated processes, such as quality control in medical device or pharmaceutical manufacturing. Although it may be possible to meet the requirement in a multi-tenant cloud environment, many regulatory affairs professionals are more comfortable not fighting that battle. In such cases, it may justify an on-premises deployment or at least a single-tenant hosted deployment where control of the production environment can be more readily assured."
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5 days ago by jonerp
Roku - How do I turn subtitles on/off? – Viki Community Support
This describes how to turn on the feature such that when you hit instant replay, it will show you subtitles just for the replayed part. If only all video playing software worked like that!
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8 days ago by darkwater
Rerouting Improve Your Speed And Plex Streaming Quality Using - Wiki
What is rerouting
Rerouting is the ability to alter the route that traffic takes from our servers to your ISP. sent on to me
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12 days ago by fionntan
Wrong movie metadata showing up - General / General Discussions - Plex Forum
this is a great article on how to fix showing incorrect metadata in Plex
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13 days ago by madnaut
The Sweet Setup Guide to Cutting the Cord – The Sweet Setup
With the growth of social media, video games, and streaming services, many people are finding they don’t use their cable subscription enough to justify the continued expense. We get our news, entertainment, movies, and TV shows through other channels now. This guide is about getting the right gear to make a smooth transition away from cable or satellite to better alternatives.
“Cord cutting” is the term people use when they refer to cutting off their cable or satellite subscription. Most do it to save money. TV subscription pricing has continued to tick higher year after year. For me, it has become less about saving money and more about reallocating that cash into specific services. I’d rather have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Apple Music vs. a single cable package.
With three young children at home, my wife and I don’t have time to watch nearly as much TV as we used to. The shows that we do watch are available for free using an over-the-air antenna. Between the antenna and a few streaming services, we felt like we could get away without paying the large cable bill. Five years later, we are still happy without it.
All that said, let’s get into The Sweet Setup Guide for Cutting the Cord.
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23 days ago by rgl7194

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