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Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy sessions with music
suggested use in MDMA-assisted sessions and for psilocybin-assisted sessions. Kaelen is also the founder of Wavepaths, a platform intended to provide music within psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, for meditation and other activities. The plan is to enlist accomplished musicians and composers to create music specifically for Wavepath’s playlists that are then tailored for each person based on their music preferences. The app will allow therapists and patients to customize the musical sequence for certain drugs to best serve as a support for therapeutic work. Our understanding of the role and use of music in psychedelic therapy is sure to expand through ongoing research and by sharing of experiential reports.
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Sonic:Wanderings Wed Apr 10 with ALIVEDJP on KWVA Eugene 88.1 FM
Indietronica / Cold-wave / Dark-Wave / Lowfi / New Music
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Latent 80s with John the Revelator, SpiderSound on KWVA Eugene 88.1 FM
Obscure, semiobscure music from circa the 1980s - New Wave, Alternative, Synthpop, Punk, etc

Sundays 6-8PM Pacific, KWVA Eugene (88.1)
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Latent 80s / ALIVEDJ SET Sun Apr 7 with ALIVEDJP on KWVA Eugene 88.1 FM
Obscure, semiobscure music from circa the 1980s - New Wave, Alternative, Synthpop, Punk, etcSundays 6-8PM Pacific, KWVA Eugene (88.1)
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ALIVEDJP on KWVA Eugene 88.1 FM
KWVA Eugene 88.1 DJ

ALIVEDJ @ WRUV FM Burlington
Vermont 2002-2006
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Songs in the Key of Life: Hitting Fast Forward to Discover the Future of Music Playlists
Jopling, who is behind The Song Sommelier, a playlist curation site which features original artwork and sleeve notes, believes new ideas will be crucial to the next phase. Power is currently centred around Spotify, whose curated playlists account for approximately 15% of the platform’s monthly content hours. With approximately 75,000 artists featured on editorial playlists each week, prompting audience figures of more than 20m for channels such as Today’s Top Hits, Jopling predicts that the competition won’t just be limited to assumed challengers such as Apple Music, Amazon and YouTube.
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