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아시아 8등 켈레 컨흑(확팩 출시후 62승 36패, 확팩카드 없음)
하스스톤 덱/공략/폭심만만/따효니/비셔스신디케이트/템포스톰/하스폰/박사붐 DDA.AC따악
9 hours ago by moon6pence
Compassion games
Alleged game initiative to 'ignite and catalyze compassion in communities around the world.'
games  change  compassion  action  play 
15 hours ago by nikomoeller
Mixing And Mastering With Tape
After nearly a century from its invention, the Tape recorder is still used today, mainly by music producers, to convey character and great saturation to the music.
16 hours ago by thx1138
Fantasy IRL
Imagined and real worlds collide in the name of play.
trends2019  Trends  fantasy  play  SyntheticRealities 
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