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How Heroku built its self-service analytics future on the Looker platform
"In 2013, Heroku gave Michael Schiff a job offer he couldn't refuse. But could he build the kind of analytics platform today's business users would embrace - and avoid BI bottlenecks? At Looker JOIN 2018, Schiff shared his story."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture  digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world 
17 hours ago by jonerp
Huawei Connect 2018 – the smart police are coming
"A final report from Huawei Connect in Shanghai, as the vendor pushes a vision of smart safety and security."
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  collaboration  sharing  digital  productivity  iot  robotics  ai  machine  intelligence  regulation  security 
17 hours ago by jonerp
Global Emancipation Network tackles human trafficking crisis with Splunk
"Splunk is putting its skills to good use with the Global Emancipation Network’s efforts to expose human traffickers and choke off their business"
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture 
3 days ago by jonerp
SAP Customer Experience CTO explains why YaaS was retired in favour of Cloud Platform Extension Factory
"Moritz Zimmermann admits that SAP got it wrong initially, mistaking YaaS For a start-up development platform, when in fact, it’s enterprises that want to make use of microservices in the cloud. "
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture 
4 days ago by jonerp
Subscribed Podcast: Tien Tzuo on the End of Ownership - Zuora
Zuora founder and CEO Tien Tzuo is the foremost authority on the Subscription Economy, a term he coined to explain the global shift to recurring revenue business models. Tien founded Zuora in 2007. Prior to that, he was one of the ‘original forces’ at salesforce.
podcasts  subscription  platforms 
11 days ago by marshallk
SAP TechEd day one, burning questions edition – beaming up serverless ERP and the ABAP PaaS
"SAP TechEd day one featured news announcements that implied a more open SAP. Serverless ERP, ABAP on the SAP Cloud Platform - we're a long way from NetWeaver. But big questions remain. Here's my illustrated day one review."
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  devops  nosql  the  open  source  stack  iot  robotics  ai  serverless 
12 days ago by jonerp
'They're attentive': Inside Apple's pitch to wary publishers - Digiday
The Apple News team is headed by Lauren Kern, who left a prominent editor job at New York magazine for Apple last year and whose new title, editor in chief, is straight from the news industry. Kern’s staffers invite publications to pitch stories to be featured in Apple News. The implicit message: We’re just like you, we get it.
applenews  platforms  t 
13 days ago by paulbradshaw
The Powerhouses of the Internet Are Turning Hostile to Websites | SparkToro
In the last five years, there has not been a single major website or dominant web property that has embraced, rewarded, or significantly grown their outlinking. We’ve reached an era of a less-connected web, a web focused on retaining users rather th…
OnlineCulture  platforms 
14 days ago by loughlin
Inforum 2018 – Flint Hills Resources shares how to pull off a rapid CloudSuite Financials implementation
"Contrary to some marketing messages you might see, SaaS ERP implementations are not easy. At Inforum 2018, I attended a presentation from a CloudSuite Financials customer that showed how they pulled off a go-live in ten months. The lessons are instructive."
"cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture  digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  use  cases 
14 days ago by jonerp
Web founder Berners-Lee rallies Solid rebellion against digital empires
"WorldWide Web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee launches Inrupt to foment Solid citizen data rebellion against digital empires of Facebook, Google and others"
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  data  privacy  open  source  user  experience 
15 days ago by jonerp
Dreamforce 2018 – Keith Block on integration, innovation and life as a co-CEO
"As Dreamforce begins to wind down, I had the chance to sit down to chew the fat with co-CEO Keith Block on a variety of Salesforce-related topics."
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  collaboration  sharing  digital  productivity  crm  customer  experience  content  marketing  financial  services  fintech  hcm  the  future  of  work  iot  robotics  ai  retail  e-commerce  omni-channel  df18 
16 days ago by jonerp
Dreamforce 2018 – it’s all about integration, says Salesforce product chief Bret Taylor
"In an exclusive diginomica interview, Salesforce President and CPO Bret Taylor talks integration and Lightning, MuleSoft, Customer 360, Quip, Einstein Voice."
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  collaboration  sharing  digital  productivity  crm  customer  experience  machine  intelligence  ai  user  df18 
19 days ago by jonerp
Kong Inc. Launches Kong 1.0 Open Source API Platform
Kong Inc. launched Kong 1.0, the feature-complete release of its core open source technology -- and foundation for Kong's vision of building a service control platform.
kong  platforms  restapinotes 
20 days ago by mreinbold

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