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Picking the right API Paradigm | Phil Sturgeon
Platform Engineer @ WeWork who talks about APIs a lot. Programming Polyglot, Pragmatist, Centerist and Sarcasist. Ex-The League of Extraordinary Packages, PHP The Right Way, Ex-PHP-FIG, Ex-CodeIgniter, Ex-FuelPHP, Ex-PyroCMS.
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20 hours ago by bobzoller
A visual platform that helps you think.
Spend less time “liking” and more time thinking. frees your mind from distraction and lets you organize your internet more mindfully.
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yesterday by stjp
"IDDRI is an independent policy research institute and a multi-stakeholder dialogue platform that identifies the conditions and proposes tools to put sustainable development at the heart of international relations and public and private policies."

One of their studies (in French):
An agro-ecological Europe: multifunctional agriculture for a healthy food system

Based in Paris / France.

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yesterday by eocas
TestProject - Community Powered Test Automation
TestProject simplifies and enhances the use of leading open source tools Selenium & Appium. It is driven by a community of passionate developers that create and share addons for Mobile, Web and API testing.
TestProject is available for FREE to use for as long as you want!
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2 days ago by liqweed

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