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S&B - Starting a Transformation? Don’t Change Everything! (1-18)
Three conversations that can mobilize your team during a reorganization.
strategy  planning  transformation 
7 hours ago by dkfinancial
The 2018 Trigg Life Mapper – Think Trigg
Possibly one of the coolest and most uniquely interesting planners I’ve ever seen. I really want to give it a shot.
stationary  planning  en  personal-development  goals  wishlist  productivity  planners 
20 hours ago by cbucher1
Indigitization Tookit
The purpose of the toolkit is to provide a reference document as well as a series of templates for British Columbia First Nations communities interested in undertaking digitization projects
workflow  toolkit  project  planning 
yesterday by imagingservices
Prudential’s Global Head of AI on ‘which algorithm to use and when’ - by @derek_dupreez
"Michael Natusch explains financial services firm Prudential’s strategy around artificial intelligence (AI) - focusing on causation and correlation."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  financial  services  fintech  iot  robotics  ai  machine  intelligence  use  cases 
yesterday by jonerp
Designing Tables for Reusability
Our visual design lead tasked us with designing a standard table UI pattern that could be used across multiple product lines with different use cases and different target users. Our approach involved getting quickly to the core of the purpose and problem early on, putting our ideas through bullshit tests early, and communicating constantly on the developments. We were able to generate an efficient design solution, get the team’s approval quickly, and validate through user testing.
tables  design  ux  ui  planning  iteration 
yesterday by spaceninja
Improve Your Projects with Problem Definition and Solution Definition
Problem Definition and Solution Definition are essential to project success.Learn more about each stage and how to apply these to your next project.  
Definitions  planning  Project_Management 
yesterday by enslrhs82
Planning Knowledge Transfer for Phased Rollout Projects
The commonly accepted definition of a project is--as the PMBOK Guide states--of "a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result." While seemingly comprehensive, this view does not account for a project that generates a series of sequential results, a project with a rollout that is repeatable and replicable over a period of time. This article examines a model for transferring knowledge--for managing the intersection between learning and change known as integrated change control--while planning and implementing phased-rollout projects. In doing so, it defines three types of projects and identifies three types of rollouts and seven elements classifying phased rollouts. It also notes the business advantages and organizational disadvantages of practicing a rollout strategy; it overviews the theoretical underpinnings influencing the implementation a phased rollout project.
implementation  planning  cutover  Project_Management 
yesterday by enslrhs82
Commonsense Reasoning with the Discrete Event Calculus Reasoner
Commonsense reasoning is the human ability to make inferences about properties and events in the everyday world. The Discrete Event Calculus Reasoner is an open source program for performing automated commonsense reasoning using the event calculus, a comprehensive and highly usable logic-based formalism. It solves problems efficiently by converting them into satisfiability (SAT) problems. The program complements the book Commonsense Reasoning.
discrete_event_calculus  reasoner  commonsense  planning  reasoning  AI 
2 days ago by areich
A Tangle for the Anti-Development Left | Dissent Magazine
A far-reaching new legislative proposal in California, where rising rents have reached a crisis point, scrambles things even more—or perhaps begins to unscramble them. SB 827, introduced by San Francisco State Senator Scott Wiener in early January, would overrule local ordinances that restrict new housing near transit. It applies to all property within a half-mile of a train station or a quarter-mile of a bus line that runs at least every fifteen minutes. Within that zone, bans on multi-family housing would vanish along with requirements for off-street parking. Buildings could go up to 45, 55, or 85 feet tall (varying with distance to the station and street width), or higher where local zoning permits.
cities  housing  planning 
2 days ago by zryb
Get Started - mobius
continuous loop for evaluating progress and planning
planning  strategy  ProjectManagement 
2 days ago by tswaterman
Domopalooza 2018 – how Cisco is changing marketing with accountability, data, and engagement - by @jonerp #DP18
"What makes you special: This is about differentiation. Being clear about what sets you apart from competition (and, hint, it’s not your people) is critical. You have create contrasts that lay the groundwork for preference.What do I normally see? No comparisons, no terminology that starts to connect to differentiation. Or, vague statements of differentiation (like the people claim) that are made with no context of what the comparison is."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  content  marketing  digital  use  cases 
3 days ago by jonerp

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