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Big Pile of Vim-like
This is a bit more interactive version of the The big list of Vi[m]-like software post.

Straight list form is not the most convenient one to neither view nor update a large collection of items. This is an attempt to organize them in a better way.

The two versions aren't in perfect sync, this version received some minor additions/corrections during transformation and then some.

E-mail for suggestions/corrections is,

Notes on data:
The descriptions are often taken from corresponding websites and thus might be biased.

When licenses are listed "GPL" means GPL of any version and "MIT" also means any kind of BSD/X Consortium license. (This might be worth fixing in the future.)
Some comments might not be extremely accurate or neutral.
vim  software  reference  vi  ed  editor  plaintext  cli  terminal 
6 days ago by dusko
The Plain Text Project
Musings on living and working in plain text
plaintext  minimalism  productivity  editor 
10 days ago by pmigdal
Diagram generation tool
Describe your diagrams with a simple text language and automatically generate an image you can export.
minimalism  text  plaintext  diaram  productivity 
11 days ago by kavtya
Plain Text Table
Interactively create and edit tables and export them to plain text
minimalism  text  plaintext  editor  productivity 
11 days ago by kavtya

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