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Toronto Public Library should control data collected at Quayside, Board of Trade says | The Star
Public libraries are defenders of digital privacy and have expertise in data policy and information management. We have long played a role in city building and welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can continue to evolve this role in the civic data realm
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Local Codes: Forms of Spatial Knowledge
As Yanni Loukissas proposes in his forthcoming book All Data Are Local, “the diversity and prosperity of the world’s varied and contingent digital practices depends on our acceptance of data’s locality.”
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London Regionalism - Wikipedia
The movement was composed of a group of artists who acknowledged their home as the centre and subject of creative activity; who acknowledged yet refused to situate themselves in the art world of the metropolitan centre; who refused to participate in ‘movements’. In fact, the term "regionalism" was adopted by the community in a spirit of defiance after a Toronto critic used it in a derisive way to describe the scene. The movement is jokingly referred to as not an "ism" at all, but "a group of artists who had decided to stay home."
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Examining 3rd year & projects today. First stop railway station for a Janet C…
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Writing for an Endangered World: Literature, Culture, and Environment in the U.S. and Beyond by Lawrence Buell
Places have histories; place is not just a noun but also a verb, a verb of action; and this action is always happening around us, because of us, despite us
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6 days ago by kvl
The Post-Place Community: Contributions to the Debate about the Definition of Community: Community Development: Vol 39, No 1
Bradshaw takes a look at the idea of community and how defining it less in terms of proximity and location, and more in terms of solidarity, belonging and a sense of identity might be more useful with changing patters and habits of citizens. Presenting different historical understandings of the term community, Bradshaw settles on a definition of community which isn’t rooted in place but is associated with a sense of belonging and identity fueled by solidarity. Using findings from studies on the mobility of people and how attached they are to communities of place, the trend appears that post-place communities are becoming more and more common, a result of technological changes, while individuals are still feeling a connection to specific places as they connect with communities as local, national and global scales. A key point being that communities of solidarity are more flexible compared to communities of place, which typically are more black and white —you’re either in a place or you’re not —is made near the end of the article. However, Bradshaw is cautious as to not say that communities of place do not provide value, because they do, and makes the important closing remark around finding commonalities and creating context for identity remains a high priority for the maintenance of community.
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