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Building Super Fast Web Apps with PJAX
A common issue with this method is executing Javascript when a PJAX page is loaded or unloaded. To handle this the jQuery-pjax library has a number of events you can subscribe.
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5 days ago by chrisdillon
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april 2017 by vgt
Ditching your single page app for...turbolinks?
Here at Honeybadger, we use a PJAX library that was originally developed by Github. It requires a little more configuration than Turbolinks, but it's also quite a bit more flexible.
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march 2017 by nicolashery
Ditching your single page app for...turbolinks?
Utilissimo articolo di starr horne sui turbolinks e su come usarli per bene.
Contiene un ottima pratica che impone l'uso del suffisso -component per il nome di class css di un tag html alfine di racchiudere le parti html della pagina in componenti logiche separate, in modo simile ai webcomponents. Utile anche per il css.
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january 2017 by microspino
Where to Go in OKINAWA.
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january 2017 by vgt

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