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Why You Cried at the End of ‘Coco’ - The New York Times
Pixar has cracked the code for calibrating the perfect feeling-all-the-feels moment: That instant where the narrative taps into its audience's deepest emotions and reduces it to tears. It's there in "Toy Story 3." "Up," of course. "Inside Out." "Coco" is no different — though there's something uniquely effective about how it gets you to that place.
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16 days ago by jorgebarba
The art of storytelling | Pixar in a Box | Partner content | Khan Academy
What makes a story great?  What makes someone a good storyteller?  Storytelling is something we all do naturally, starting at a young age, but there’s a difference between good storytelling and great storytelling.  In this lesson you’ll hear from Pixar directors and story artists about how they got their start and what stories inspire them, and you’ll begin to think about what kinds of stories you might want to tell.
storytelling  storyforms  pixar  story 
6 weeks ago by reginajmc
Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling
These rules were originally tweeted by Emma Coates, Pixar’s Story Artist. Number 9 on the list - When you’re stuck, make a list of what wouldn’t happen next – is a great one and can apply to writers in all genres.
writing  pixar 
7 weeks ago by josephaleo
Pixar Animation Studios: Made In Point Richmond LEAKED!
For centuries -- millennia even -- the biggest goal of Pixar fanatics has been to find the Holy Grail, the rarest of all DVDs to bear the lamp: Made In Point Richmond. Given out exclusively to employees shortly before the studio moved to a larger facility, it was never sold to the public. You could only have a copy if you worked for the company at the time, and though it had grown to a staff of hundreds by the time the disc was printed, it still wasn't as big as it is now.

Why was it so important to hunt this DVD down? Because it contained everything Pixar had ever created up to that point that wasn't a movie. All the shorts, all the commercials, all the early tech demos...EVERYTHING. Some of their early work was so hard to find that there was a community dedicated to tracking down the ads -- I found out about them when I published my Casper review and they contacted me with an enthusiastic "YOU FOUND THE TWIZZLER AD!!" Wasn't trying.
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7 weeks ago by hockendougal
Matt Pharr
“My book on rendering, Physically Based Rendering, is widely used in university courses and by graphics researchers and developers. Greg Humphreys, Pat Hanrahan, and I were awarded an Academy Award in recognition of the book's impact on CGI in movies—never before has a book received an Academy Award. The third edition of the book was released in Fall of 2016.”
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9 weeks ago by danhon
Brand New: Incredible Disney Logo
Apparently there was a custom Disney logo for Incredibles 2 (of course there was). Still need to see that.
incredibles2  disney  pixar  studio  logo 
10 weeks ago by danhon
Pixar’s Sexism Under John Lasseter Ruined My Dream Job (Guest Column) – Variety
Pervasive sexism makes me wonder how they've managed to tell so many good stories :o(
harassment  sexism  variety  pixar  opinion 
12 weeks ago by UltraNurd
Amplify Your Storytelling Style With These Tips From Pixar
Strong storytelling is the keystone of a great brand. And nobody’s better at it than Pixar.
pixar  animation  Storytelling  FastCompany 
12 weeks ago by jorgebarba

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