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Agile holds the key to competition and growth in financial services
"For example, in order to overcome regulatory compliance issues over privacy, the recently launched payment card service from Apple has taken an innovative position on the handling of customer data. By inserting itself between customer and bank, Apple has effectively become a privacy broker which manages the digital identity of its customers."
Pivotal  Bas  FinTech  Apple  banks  digitaltransformation 
3 days ago by cote
Dining Preferences of the Cloud and Open Source: Who Eats Who?
"Hadoop has left behind a trail of tears with customers who spent vast sums to construct “data lakes”, yet struggled to successfully deploy and manage them much less find a business return snorkeling in those lakes. Meanwhile, the big data business has moved to the cloud, by virtue of being both cheaper and easier. As Mathew Lodge said, “Ironically, there has been no Cloud Era for Cloudera.”
blog  cloud  computing  hadoop  ibm  open  source  pivotal  red  hat 
18 days ago by jonerp
VMware’s Joe Beda: Enterprise Open Source Is Growing
The open source cloud company Pivotal started life as a part of VMware before being spun-off. Its recent acquisition by VMware was something of a homecoming.
pivotal  vmware  canonical  ovum  opensource 
6 weeks ago by yorksranter
20 Minute Talk: Giving and Receiving Feedback – Chelsea Troy
Our team skills impact our career trajectory. The more senior we become, the truer it is.

But who teaches us team skills? Usually, no one: we land in the workforce, wide-eyed with wonder, and struggle until we figure it out. You know what gave me anxiety for years after I started working in teams? Giving and receiving feedback.

So this talk covers a bunch of actionable steps to help you give and receive feedback more effectively, with less anxiety.

I gave this talk recently at Pivotal Labs. We got a video recording!

Question Catalogue:
21:50 How do you give feedback that has to be given that the person didn’t ask for, or doesn’t want?

23:18 How would you approach the question “Do you have any feedback for me?”

24:32: Do you have any opinions on the regularity of feedback?

26:06: What do you do if a person is only giving you positive feedback and no negative feedback?

28:57: What pitfalls might you run into while adopting a collaborative model of feedback?

31:30: Do you have any advice for making feedback a pattern on distributed teams?

33:21: In asynchronous communication, are you worried about misperceptions of tone in writing?
Jobs  pivotal  psychology 
8 weeks ago by cnk
With Alibaba, Pivotal and Lightbend on board, Reactive flexes its ROI muscle in the microservices world | TechCrunch
The Linux Foundation recently announced the launch of the Reactive Foundation. Its founding members are Alibaba, Lightbend, Pivotal and Netifi. So what exactly is this?
reactive  microservices  netapinotes  ibm  ryland_degnan  istio  netflix  robert_roeser  mahendra_ramsinghani  alibaba  lightbend  pivotal  netifi  daniel_berg  software_architecture 
8 weeks ago by mreinbold
Through the winds of winter, Microsoft sees a dream of spring... Azure Spring Cloud, that is
"Azure Spring Cloud makes it simple to connect to data services such as Azure SQL Database, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Cosmos DB to enable enterprise grade end-user authentication and authorisation using Azure Active Directory, to bind cloud streams with Service Bus or Event Hubs, and to load and manage secrets with Azure Key Vault," according to corporate veep John Montgomery. Microsoft's Azure Monitor lets developers and admins view and visualise logs and application traces in order to track performance and diagnose issues.
spring  microsoft  s1p  announcements  pivotal 
9 weeks ago by cote
Top Quotes from Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2019
“We need to think about three things with Pivotal now that it is part of VMware: a common substrate (Kubernetes), the ability to manage it, and a build overlay. The cf push experience is important, making the experience better for developers.” —Craig McLuckie, VMware
VMware  Pivotal  kubernetes  m&a  links  via:Workflow 
12 weeks ago by cote
The superpower to change one thing about Kubernetes
“It’s optimized for cloud native applications – those that follow the patterns that are in my book for example. That represents only a subset of the applications that our enterprise customers need to address. Our 2020 strategy is to broaden the definition of our platform. To be more than just Cloud Foundry, but to broaden it to a larger range of use cases. To broaden it to a larger market.”
Cfsummit  Pivotal  kubernetes  containers  links  via:Workflow 
september 2019 by cote
Waity K8-y no more Pivotal: We'll unhook Application Service from VMware
"The urgency was more around understanding the long term vision than an immediate need," said Andrews. "We're still very early. Everybody is talking about K8s all the time, but if you look at who is actually using it in production, the list is much shorter. Our technology stack works incredibly well, we have customers with over 100,000 containers working on the current platform. If we forecast out 3 to 5 years in the future though, it seems clear that K8s is going to be a de facto component in the architecture.”
Kubernetes  Pivotal  cfsummit  pivotalcloudfoundry  links  via:Workflow 
september 2019 by cote
VMworld 2019: VMware expands its multicloud, security, Kubernetes strategies | ZDNet
VMware in the span of seven days set its strategy to grab more multicloud deployments, positioned itself in case developers favor containers over virtual machines in the future and reiterated its case as a go-to enterprise engine for digital transformation.
Vmworld  M&A  vmware  Pivotal  cloudnative  containers  links  via:Workflow 
september 2019 by cote
Pat Gelsinger and his calculated plan for VMware
"Three years ago, your biggest risk was cloud; six years ago, your biggest risk was Open Stack. If you look at it now, you can clearly say, 'Hey, these next-generation applications, are you going to be the enterprise supplier of choice?'. So in that sense, I think we had a bit of defensive risk ... our platform was at risk.

"At the same time, if you look at the dollars, the business value at play in the developer layer -- a lot of money there. It's a very rich, offensive opportunity as well -- both defense and offense -- and if we expand the value proposition for all of the VMware operators today, to be able to effectively reach the developers and the application in a much more effective way than they do today ... if we can bring those worlds together, that's a pretty huge benefit for our customers as well."
developers  M&A  Pivotal  VMware  pivotalcloudfoundry  links  via:Workflow 
september 2019 by cote
VMware Tanzu Completes the Modern Applications Picture
help customers build modern applications, run Kubernetes consistently across environments and manage it all from a single point of control.
kubernetes  VMware  vmworld  Pivotal  cloudnative  links  via:Workflow 
august 2019 by cote
Welcoming Pivotal to VMware to Transform How the World Builds Software on Kubernetes
Some Pivotal momentum and footprint:

1. Pivotal made Netflix-style microservices the de-facto software architecture pattern in the enterprise. Spring Boot is now downloaded over 75 million times per month and is the most popular Java developer framework today
2. Pivotal’s Platform has enabled developers to quickly and securely get code from development to production. Today over 750,000 application instances run on this platform

AIs are containers/processes.
containers  VMware  kubernetes  momentum  Pivotal 
august 2019 by cote
Understanding the risk profile of your technical debt
Debt powers our economy, and technical debt powers your business. If we look at it that way, it's a lot less threatening to label all your code as "tech debt."
Pivotal  techdebt  links  via:Workflow 
august 2019 by cote
Silicon Valley software techniques modernize 75-year-old plant
Raytheon Systems Engineer Sam Sauers and her team spearheaded one of the latest DevOps transformations on the program, introducing Silicon Valley-like processes like paired programming and pipeline development to help the Air Soldier team rapidly develop the technology.

“We’re using commercial software best practices, including Agile and DevOps, to get new capabilities in days instead of years,” said Sauers. “We’ve also been implementing user-centered design: getting ahead of the users and figuring out the next thing they’re going to need. We then develop toward that rather than getting something out there and getting feedback that it wasn’t what they wanted.”
Pivotal  proofpoints  agile  design  Raytheon  mil  digitaltransformation  links  via:Workflow 
august 2019 by cote

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