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Believe it or not, both of these spaces used to be parking lots.

These two places, and , a…
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Safe travels ! SHARE was energized and informative like always. See you in
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RT : & friends, mark your calendars! Kyle Machulis (), one of world’s leading authorities on open-…
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90 Pittsburgh Neighborhoods: Ron Donoughe
"This project was about visiting the 90 Pittsburgh neighborhoods over 12 months. The experience created a visual time capsule of paintings. Since completed, the collection has been acquired by the Heinz History Center and can be viewed on the fourth floor near the Mister Rogers exhibition. I continue to paint the city and post them here. Perhaps this project will go on indefinitely. "
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RT : Hey & — Don't miss our terrific free lectures upcoming at the STUDIO for ! This We…
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Dan Freeman
saw some of these at Gino's
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