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US wants prison sentence for Facebook user who pirated 'Deadpool' • TorrentFreak
<p>To be clear, [Trevon] Franklin [aged 22, from Fresno, California] wasn’t the person who originally made the copy available. [In early 2016] He simply downloaded it from the file-sharing site Putlocker.is and then proceeded to upload it to his Facebook account, using the screen name ‘Tre-Von M. King.’

This post went viral with more than six million viewers ‘tuning in.’ While many people dream of this kind of attention, in this case, it meant that copyright holder Twentieth Century Fox and the feds were alerted.

The FBI launched a full-fledged investigation which eventually led to an indictment and the arrest of Franklin last summer.

Earlier this year, Franklin signed a plea agreement with the Government where he admitted to sharing the pirated film on Facebook. In return, the authorities recommended a sentence reduction.

This week the Government submitted its sentencing recommendation. Franklin pleaded guilty to a Class A misdemeanor which carries a maximum prison term of a year. While the Government doesn’t go that far, it believes a significant sentence is required.

“[T]he government recommends the high-end sentence of six months’ imprisonment, to be followed by a one-year term of supervised release, and a mandatory special assessment of $100,” the sentencing position reads.</p>

Franklin was aged, what, 19 or 20 when he uploaded the film? I think the time when you might claim you didn't know making pirated films available was illegal has long since passed. Six months comes across as pretty light compared to what hackers have suffered.
facebook  piracy 
yesterday by charlesarthur
How to Install No Limits Magic Build on Kodi 17.6 Krypton | MTM
One of the most complete builds for Kodi, No Limits Magic deserves its place near the top of every list of the best Kodi builds. Popular opinion praises this Kodi build as one of the very best and we completely agree.
builds  free  kodi  movies  music  piracy  video 
4 days ago by mtoley
Analysis: 40K+ World Cup illegal streaming links |
Content protection, and advanced data solutions specialist Viaccess-Orca (VO) has released a series of reports that detail facts on global illegal streaming during the FIFA football World Cup in Russia and how effective the company’s anti-piracy services were in detecting and stopping those streams.

The analysis, assembled by VO, is based on an extensive anti-piracy campaign led by the company in June and July 2018. Over the course of 32 days, VO’s anti-piracy services monitored a selection of group-phase football matches and all final phase matches to assess content piracy in real time. As part of its 360-degree security services, VO partnered with LeakID to track, fight, and dereference links for illegal streaming sites.
piracy  stats  World-Cup 
12 days ago by dancall
r/megalinks forum
Hello, and welcome to our new forum. Most of you must be migrating over from /r/megalinks and are welcome aboard.
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14 days ago by ladyace
17-35041.pdf US Appeals Court rules IP address alone not enough for piracy charge.
Man had open wifi. Someone downloaded a movie. Someone tried to sue him for downloading movie. Court rules that an IP address alone isn't enough to charge someone with piracy.

Interesting and unintended takeaway: Maybe keeping your home wifi open will provide plausible deniability if you are accused of piracy.
piracy  internet  download  court  ruling  IP  address 
16 days ago by brentfarwick
megathread - Piracy
find out where to pirate different kinds of media
reddit  piracy  ebooks 
18 days ago by w1nt3rmut3
Nosferatu is only viewable today due to piracy
'In 1922 a German court ordered all prints and negatives of Nosferatu destroyed following a copyright dispute with the widow of Bram Stoker. The film only exists today because of piracy. One copy survived and somehow found it's way to America, where Dracula was already in the public domain. That's it. That's the only reason you've ever seen the granddaddy of all horror movies.'
dracula  bram-stoker  nosferatu  piracy  licensing  movies  history 
5 weeks ago by jm
State of Maritime Piracy 2017
some charts, links to the full regional reports at the bottom of the page
piracy  maritime  security 
5 weeks ago by strohps

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