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Guns N' Roses Fans 'Fear' That the Band is Setting a Piracy Trap - TorrentFreak
This week Guns N' Roses asked its fans to share bootleg footage of the band's "Not in This Lifetime..." tour, with a chance to have it featured in the official video. While that may seem like a great idea, some dedicated fans suggest that it's an (inadvertent) trap, as many people have received strikes and bans in recent months after sharing Guns N' Roses footage.
Over the past three decades, Guns N’ Roses has been one of the best-known bands in the world.
When it started in the mid-eighties most music was still sold on cassettes, while the World Wide Web has yet to be invented.
Today the web is the major driver of revenue when it comes to recorded music. However, it also poses quite a few challenges, especially when it comes to copyright.
Guns N’ Roses’ entourage appears to be particularly concerned with these rights, up to a point where it has started to annoy fans. Over the past several months, many people have had their bootleg concert recordings removed from YouTube, Instagram and elsewhere.
“My YouTube account I’ve had for 15 years was terminated on Thursday of last week.  Roughly 20 GNR videos I’ve filmed from 2011-2016 were flagged and removed,” one fan wrote a few weeks ago.
These copyright takedowns don’t just affect full-length recordings. Smaller clips were apparently removed as well. Interestingly, even Meegan Hodges, the girlfriend of guitarist Slash, had some of her clips removed.
“I’m just putting this up to see if my video is taken down. Noticed that some are just gone. Hello Instagram I took this video. #iamwiththeband no seriously what’s up?” she wrote a few days ago
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21 days ago by rgl7194
Guest Post by @Volker_Rieck: CLOUDFLARE: THE BAD, THE WORSE AND THE UGLY? | Music Technology Policy
You may have never heard of Cloudflare and you may be wondering what the company has to do with music, technology or policy.  Cloudflare plays a vital role in the worldwide criminal enterprise of piracy and competes with Google, Facebook and Amazon for the moniker of the Genco Olive Oil company of the Internet.  Here's…
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4 weeks ago by javierruiz
Music Piracy Continues To Drop Dramatically, But The Industry Hates To Admit That Because It Ruins The Narrative
Another thing we observed is that the role of search engines is no longer highlighted. This used to be a top priority. In 2016 IFPI reported that 66% of all music pirates used general search engines (e.g. Google) to find pirated music. A year later this went down to 54%, last year it dipped under 50%, and in 2019 it’s not mentioned at all. For some reason, we think this may have been different if these trends had gone in the other direction. For example, in 2016, IFPI sounded the alarm bell when stream-ripping grew 10% while the 28% drop this year isn’t mentioned.
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5 weeks ago by motiveunknown
Meet the pirate queen making academic papers free online - The Verge
Alexandra Elbakyan opened her email to a message from the world’s largest publisher: "YOU HAVE BEEN SUED." The student and programmer runs Sci-Hub, a website with over 64 million academic papers available for free to anybody in the world.
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7 weeks ago by vkitchen

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