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Pirate Site Owner Found Guilty, But He Can Keep The Profits - TorrentFreak
The 47-year-old operator of Filmfix, a site that offered paid access to torrent links, has been found guilty of facilitating copyright infringement by a District Court in Lund, Sweden. The man was sentenced to 120 hours of community service but can keep the site's profits, as there was no hard proof that users paid for pirated content directly.
piracy  justice  sweden 
3 days ago by pankkake
I’ve decided to tell you guys a story about piracy | Contents of Maggie Stiefvater's Brain
A YA author conducts an amazing experiment to prove, rather definitively, that book piracy does indeed have consequences to the author of the book.
2017-11-10  piracy  publishing  science  via-tumblr 
12 days ago by fiddlingfrog
Book Author Trolled Pirates With Fake Leak to Make a Point - TorrentFreak
Best selling author Maggie Stiefvater, known for The Raven Cycle books, is taking a stand against online piracy. Responding to people who claim that piracy doesn't hurt sales, the author shared a personal experience showing the opposite. When The Raven King was released last year she flooded the Internet with fake pirated copies, triggering an interesting response.
When it comes to how piracy affects sales, there are thousands of different opinions. This applies to music, movies, software and many other digital products, including ebooks.
When we interviewed Paulo Coelho nearly ten years ago, he pointed out how piracy helped him to sell more books. While a lot has changed since then, he still sees the benefits of piracy today.
books  piracy  troll  leak 
13 days ago by rgl7194
The political economy of fertility | SpringerLink
This paper studies the political economy of fertility. Specifically, I argue that fertility may be a strategic choice for ethnic groups engaged in redistributive conflict. I first present a simple conflict model where high fertility is optimal for each ethnic group if and only if the economy’s ethnic diversity is high, institutions are weak, or both. I then test the model in a cross-national dataset. Consistent with the theory, I find that economies where the product of ethnic diversity and a measure of institutional weakness is high have increased fertility rates. I conclude that fertility may depend on political factors.
study  sociology  speculation  stylized-facts  demographics  population  fertility  polisci  political-econ  institutions  nationalism-globalism  tribalism  us-them  self-interest  intervention  wonkish  pdf  piracy  microfoundations  phalanges  diversity  putnam-like  competition  israel  MENA  the-bones 
13 days ago by nhaliday
Contents of Maggie Stiefvater's Brain
I’ve decided to tell you guys a story about piracy. I didn’t think I had much to add to the piracy commentary I made yesterday, but after seeing some of the replies to it, I decided it’s time for this...
copyright  piracy 
13 days ago by matthillco
The Wilson Effect: the increase in heritability of IQ with age. - PubMed - NCBI
FIGURE 2 Estimates of genetic and shared environmental influence on g by age. The age scale is not linear (see text for details).
study  biodet  behavioral-gen  iq  psychology  cog-psych  metabuch  stylized-facts  variance-components  developmental  data  visualization  twin-study  correlation  🌞  pdf  piracy  age-generation  plots 
17 days ago by nhaliday

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