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Major labels' billion-dollar payday under fire as Cox Communications challenges 'shockingly excessive' damages verdict
Cox adds: “The award of $1 billion appears to be the largest award of statutory copyright damages in history. This is not by a matter of degree. It is the largest such award by a factor of eight. It is the largest such award for secondary copyright infringement by a factor of 40. It is the largest jury verdict in the history of this District by a factor of more than 30. “It is by any measure a shocking verdict, wholly divorced from any possible injury to Plaintiffs, any benefit to Cox, or any conceivable deterrent purpose.” Cox argues that the $1bn damages verdict “exceeds the aggregate dollar amount of every statutory damages award rendered in the years 2009-2016 by more than four hundred million dollars”.
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13 days ago by motiveunknown
Electronic library. Download books free. Finding books
Electronic library. Download books free. Finding books | B–OK. Download books for free. Find books
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18 days ago by shou
Make articles readable | Trim
Trim makes articles readable - no ads, no tracking, no JavaScript.
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25 days ago by jccalhoun
Make articles readable | Trim
Trim makes articles readable - no ads, no tracking, no JavaScript.
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25 days ago by mahnouel
Universities ignore growing concern over Sci-Hub cyber risk

Is Sci-Hub Safe?

Sci-Hub, is suspected of working with Russian intelligence officials to steal confidential research & military secrets from American universities.
academia  scholarship  open  piracy 
4 weeks ago by wiobyrne
TV databases
Discussions of websites that have a database of TV shows, airtimes, channels, etc
tv  schedule  tvdb  nzb  piracy  tootme  plex 
5 weeks ago by nelson
Gamasutra - Keeping the Pirates at Bay
Beyond giving developers a feeling of violation over having their hard work pillaged and disturbed illegally, piracy exacts a steep toll on the entire
piracy  gamedev  interesting 
5 weeks ago by iiridayn
OMI IN A HELLCAT: Selling Drugs to Making "$200K a Day" From Pirate IPTV - TorrentFreak
The unusual case of the founder of 'pirate' IPTV service Gears TV/Reloaded has taken yet another bizarre twist with a full-on confession during a new interview. After moving away from selling drugs, OMI IN A HELLCAT says he switched to selling modded Firesticks and his pirate IPTV product, ultimately making up to $200,000 per day.
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6 weeks ago by ither
FitGirl Repacks
Repacks de juegos de PC
gaming  piracy 
6 weeks ago by ither
Awesome Piracy
mirror of Igglybuff/awesome-piracy
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6 weeks ago by gil
Do Cardio and Strength Training Work Against Each Other? | ISSA
- If the client’s primary goal is to improve power (e.g. improving sprint speed, vertical jumping, Olympic Lifting, etc.), long duration/low intensity aerobic training should be kept to a minimum.

- If the client’s primary goal is to improve strength and/or hypertrophy and he/she wishes to train concurrently with aerobic training, it is best to keep the duration of aerobic training to less than 30 minutes and the frequency of aerobic training to fewer than 3 days per week. Furthermore, a low-impact mode of aerobic training such as cycling or rowing appears to be a more appropriate option than running.


- If the client’s primary goal is to improve aerobic performance, concurrent training is advisable as resistance training has not been shown to significantly interfere with aerobic capacity gains.

org:health  health  fitness  fitsci  get-fit  evidence-based  study  summary  commentary  tradeoffs  endurance  weightlifting  strategy  running  multi  pdf  piracy  meta-analysis  intervention  metabolic  embodied  cycling  metrics  cost-benefit 
6 weeks ago by nhaliday

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