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What's your preferred embedded/application scripting language? | Lobsters
leeg: "I’m just putting a word in for AppleScript. It’s not so popular now, and even many Apple apps don’t have a good scripting dictionary, but fir a long while it turned Macs into places where you could do things with your stuff, rather than places where you could use apps for tasks developers had thought of.

AppleScript is a grammar without a syntax; rules for putting words together where the words will be defined later. It’s a DSL framework, for your language, my language, Adobe’s languages, Apple’s languages, and so on. This is both good and bad: good because a new application doesn’t need to fit an old paradigm; bad because the developer does need to take some care to make sure that their abstractions are exposed in the way that users would expect or could discover. "
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22 hours ago by mechazoidal
Component · Decoupling Patterns · Game Programming Patterns
Note quite a full entity-component system, but shows how might get there
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yesterday by mechazoidal
Thread: Open Source Sculptris!
note some of the comments about what was good, and blender limitations
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2 days ago by mechazoidal
RetopoFlow - Retopology Tools for Blender
"While great modeling tools, Blender’s native toolset isn't designed for retopology; it was created with free-form polygonal modeling in mind. This leads to a slow retopology workflow with lots of pitfalls, primarily due to a lack of universal surface-snapping. Blenders shrinkwrap and face snapping tools only get you so far."
"No more manual creating retopology. RetopoFlow lets you to draw geometry onto the surface of your high-res model."
PR: paint quads onto your model! How much of this is Blender's polygon primitives system getting in the way: if the underlying primitive system wasn't polygon based?
piperesearch  blender  retopo  geometry  tools  modeling 
4 days ago by mechazoidal
What exactly is Retopo?
"You'll see the Million-poly Zbrush models have been retopologized to low-poly frames and the details projected to a normal map. The limit for the challenge was 12,000 triangle polygons. This process can be done using several other softwares, the most common being Blender (because it's free). Zbrush can do it, 3DCoat, has a nice Auto Retopo function, There's a software called Topogun, which was build just for this purpose, and I posted a series of vids here on using Wings3d to do it."
" Understand, your games are figuring for score, camera position, enemy movement, etc. It can't animate a "million vertices". Not at 20+ FPS. So we project our details from our High-poly model to our Low-poly model. One the computer can animate. This is where another topic comes into play. Edgeflow. Although the end product is always triangles, most animators prefer Quads for retopo. Parts such as Knees and elbows are expected to bend and so the mesh must stretch like skin, and poorly placed UV-map seams will Show through when animating, so we must get involved in the UV-mapping process and do our best to hide the seams. More organized meshes (quad meshes) with selectable edgeloops and enough geometry in these areas can help with this task. Then we must "Bake" our details (color maps and bump maps) from our High-poly model to our low-poly textures. Blender, Zbrush, and there another called XNormal that can do this. "
"My personal take on the use of Sculptris for game modeling, is to use Quad meshes built in wing3d or Blender from the start, turn off Detail (Dynamic Tesselation) and just use the sculpting tools to shape the mesh I have. Then when I'm happy with my silhouette, I take the model back to Wing3d to UV-map, then come back to Sculptris to Paint. Since Sculptris allows me to paint to my Normal map, there's no need to "bake". And since I'm already using a low-poly quad model. There's no need to "retopo". Of course this means planning in the modeling process, which is the "old School" way, and pretty much ignores the "Free Creation" which Sculptris was meant for. "
discussion  zbrush  geometry  piperesearch  modeling  retopo 
4 days ago by mechazoidal
What is retopology, and how do you do it with ZBrush? | Quora
" is re-building an existing mesh with (more or less) the same volume and shape but with a different mesh layout. Especially when working in a sculpting program like Zbrush, the underlying 'grain' of the mesh matters a lot for the quality of the result: you want the edges in the mesh to flow as much as possible with the contours of the mesh. You also want to control the density of the subdivisions so you have more edges where you need detail or special animation deformations, and fewer edges in simpler areas. Retopology is also a good way to simplify and clean up noisy data, such as 3d scans."
"Most sculptors find that they iteratively re-build the mesh as they sculpt -- they'll work for a while, look for problems, and then re-flow the topology around a problem area as they hit problems or add more details. Until quite recently this was a pretty big pain in the butt, since you're basically put re-modeling the mesh on the fly. However modern tools have made it much less of a problem. "
(in case you thought most of the well-poly'd wireframes you see were the result of an expert box-modeler, rather than sculpting it and converting the mesh)
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4 days ago by mechazoidal
History of python in CG - Tech-Artists.Org
Lots of good history, even some old hands weigh in!
python  cg  history  discussion  maya  piperesearch 
4 days ago by mechazoidal
Havok Behavior v. NaturalMotion Morpheme - Pipelines - Tech-Artists.Org
Note the age of this discussion!
PR: "The thing that I don’t like about 3rd party animation blending software is that it adds another step into the process. You export from your DCC app to 3rd party software, and then you have to export again from that into your game engine. If I could choose, I think I’d prefer to see the functionality of the blending software built into the game engine itself to avoid the extra step."
piperesearch  animation  discussion  pipeline 
4 days ago by mechazoidal
Changeset Evolution in Mercurial | Lobsters
Notes that it will probably stay in perpetual beta. But a PR note:
"Yes, in principle you can do all these things in git. (Especially if you’re an emacs user using Magit)

In practice it’s just so much easier in mercurial.

I’m not quite sure why, but git really does leak it’s fundamental internal design into your actions. ie. You can’t just think what you want to do in git, you have to expend many brain cycles on what git is doing (and how).

Branches in git and mercurial are quite different in that an hg commit records which branch it was made on. And if life really turns shitty, you can look at the hidden obsolete commits."
piperesearch  git  mercurial  lobsters  comment 
5 days ago by mechazoidal
Betamaxed — Dorian Taylor
On the author moving to git after 11 years in mercurial
PR: "As if efficient binary diff algorithms weren’t a hard enough problem on their own, part of the benefit of version control is being able to see what was changed across revisions. Currently, this is really only feasible when those changes occur to text files. Anything more elaborate would require knowledge of both the syntax and semantics of every application file format you wanted to support, which, if the vendors didn’t keep as proprietary secrets, would still require you to chase after whatever capricious change to the format they decide to make. So you could store, for instance, your Photoshop or Microsoft Word files, but you wouldn’t be able, at a glance, to see across revisions what had been done to them."

"What would a future look like, in which everything had an undo button that went back arbitrarily far? In which the act of creating new digital content did not mean destroying what was there before? Something like Google Docs offers us a glimpse. Changes are transmitted over HTTP requests, as messages that only express the content of each individual change itself. On the server side, what would otherwise be encapsulated as a file—in Rich Hickey parlance, a mutable and therefore volatile place for data—could instead be represented non-destructively, as a time-stamped log of accumulating changes, which could be projected into a snapshot at any stage along the way. To bring about that future, we would likely have to move away from files—at least as anything other than bulk payloads of instantaneous freeze-frames of the state of a system. It would, ironically, mean going back to a client-server model." (this sounds a lot like ORDT/CvRDT)
git  version_control  piperesearch  subversion 
6 days ago by mechazoidal
React hooks and ClojureScript
"React haven’t added hooks to grab more ClojureScript mind-share. React team member Dan Abramov has been documenting the why, and how of hooks, so I won’t discuss at length all the advantages hooks bring."

PR: "Hooks are more than just an alternative way of accessing the lifecycle, but they radically alter how you compose functionality together. I had a Bret Victor moment when Dan tweeted the ability to drop in adjustment bars into any component. Historically, something like this would have required render props & component wrapping, which hiccup-style react libraries make more difficult. Furthermore, the React team’s experiments show that code using hooks minifies significantly smaller than when using classes. @jamiebuilds on twitter made a comparison."
interactive  clojurescript  reactjs  piperesearch  javascript 
9 days ago by mechazoidal
Our operating systems are incorrectly factored | Lobsters
"Another point, that the CLOSOS paper has suggested in connection to s-expressions, is to have operating systems without processes and pipes, but since address spaces are large enough nowadays to use higher-level languages as a protection mechanism and have all the memory within a OS shared in one address space. Interesting, but would probably require some more thinking through."

Note conversation takes path through capabilities and L4's IPC. The "OS is in control of binaries" sounds like Inferno.
lobsters  comments  osdev  piperesearch 
10 days ago by mechazoidal
Adam Warren @ECCC Y-7 on Twitter: "Strongly agree with the sentiments in this thread re: "just start doing the stupid thing." I, too, had many elaborately planned and theoretically epic projects that never got off the ground, while a spontaneous bit of un
@EmpoweredComic: Strongly agree with the sentiments in this thread re: "just start doing the stupid thing." I, too, had many elaborately planned and theoretically epic projects that never got off the ground, while a spontaneous bit of unplanned goofiness like EMPOWERED wound up soaring. https://twitter.com/alexsteacy/status/1092987995781619712
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10 days ago by mechazoidal
roughtime - Git at Google
"a protocol that aims to achieve rough time synchronisation in a secure way that doesn't depend on any particular time server, and in such a way that, if a time server does misbehave, clients end up with cryptographic proof of it."
They specifically note that signed/encrypted NTP will probably be the long-term solution, this is their interim solution
ntp  synchronization  protocol  piperesearch 
11 days ago by mechazoidal

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