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Hyundai Set to Reveal Pint-Sized Styx SUV at NY Auto Show | TheDetroitBureau.com
Expected to be called the Styx in most global markets, the crossover is going to serve as the counterpoint to the new, three-row Hyundai Palisade, targeting the modest but growing subcompact CUV market targeted by the likes of the Ford EcoSport.
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19 hours ago by automotive
General Motors | GM Refreshes 2020 GMC Acadia
The ’20 Acadia will arrive at U.S. dealers in the fall with a newly available 2.0L turbocharged gasoline 4-cyl. offering 230 hp and 258 lb.-ft. (350 Nm) of torque.
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19 hours ago by automotive
GM confirms Buick Cascada dead after 2019 model
Buick never expected significant sales from the Cascada. Since the car went on sale in 2016 as a 2016 model, about 17,000 have been sold in the U.S. Last year, U.S. deliveries fell 26 percent from 2017 to 4,136.
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19 hours ago by automotive
The log/event processing pipeline you can't have
"Instead of doing a survey of the whole unhappy landscape, let's just ignore what other people suffer with and talk about what does work. You can probably find, somewhere, something similar to each of the components I'm going to talk about, but you probably can't find a single solution that combines it all with good performance and super-low latency for a reasonable price. At least, I haven't found it. I was a little surprised by this, because I didn't think we were doing anything all that innovative. Apparently I was incorrect."
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yesterday by aapl
Test Drive | X Marks BMW’s Spot in Utility Market
Since November 2017, BMW has blitzed the U.S. market with four all-new SAVs, starting with the X3, followed soon after by the smaller X2, then the coupe-like X4 and most recently the larger three-row X5. Munich isn’t fooling around.
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4 days ago by automotive
Building a CI system for Go, with Jenkins – Artisans of Tech – Medium
Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository's web address.
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5 days ago by pinterb
Nothing Like an Auto Show Debut to Cheer Things Up
Introducing the new Evoque in Chicago makes sense because “it is a core city for us from a business perspective,” he says. “The new Evoque speaks to an urban customer, offering practicality and functionality.”

The model goes on sale this spring at a base price of $42,650. The sticker for the top-of-the-line model with the MHEV propulsion system is $55,800. Two-thirds of Evoque buyers are women, reflective of the overall compact SUV segment, says Eberhardt.
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5 days ago by automotive
pipeline-plugin/TUTORIAL.md at master · jenkinsci/pipeline-plugin · GitHub
Jenkins Pipeline plugin. Contribute to jenkinsci/pipeline-plugin development by creating an account on GitHub.
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6 days ago by dirtpupfc
First Drive: 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie | TheDetroitBureau.com
For anyone who has driven traditional pickup for work, climbing into the cab of a Ram 1500 Laramie is a revelation as it has the kind of comfortable luxury one traditionally associates with full-sized luxury sedans.
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6 days ago by automotive
Test Drive | 2019 Honda Passport Comfortable, Capable New CUV Entry
The new Pilot-derived 2-row midsize crossover from Honda aims to appeal to body-on-frame midsize SUV owners thanks to its off-roading abilities.
hondac  honda  pipeline 
6 days ago by automotive
BMW’s M Division Unveils Quick New X3M, X4M
A newly developed 6-cyl. engine underpins the new, U.S.-made performance SUV duo.
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6 days ago by automotive
Havok Behavior v. NaturalMotion Morpheme - Pipelines - Tech-Artists.Org
Note the age of this discussion!
PR: "The thing that I don’t like about 3rd party animation blending software is that it adds another step into the process. You export from your DCC app to 3rd party software, and then you have to export again from that into your game engine. If I could choose, I think I’d prefer to see the functionality of the blending software built into the game engine itself to avoid the extra step."
piperesearch  animation  discussion  pipeline 
6 days ago by mechazoidal
Using a Jenkinsfile (Credentials)
Overview of a Jenkinsfile (Jenkins Pipeline), but particularly good, it explains several ways to handle secrets, passwords, credentials, ssh keys, and certificates in a pipeline.
jenkins  pipeline  security  ssh  certificate 
7 days ago by dirtpupfc

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