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The state of Python Packaging - package types
Describes where Python packaging ecosystem is today, and where the Python Packaging Authority hopes will move next.
programming  python  packaging  packages  pip  poetry 
3 days ago by acemarke
Hacker Codex
Includes description of a nifty trick to avoid invoking pip outside a virtual environment.
What happens if we think we are working in an active virtual environment, but there actually is no virtual environment active, and we install something via pip3 install foobar? Well, in that case the foobar package gets installed into our global site-packages, defeating the purpose of our virtual environment isolation.
Thankfully, Pip has an undocumented setting (source) that tells it to bail out if there is no active virtual environment, which is exactly what I want.
python  virtualenv  pip 
11 days ago by Styrke
How could i switch between Ansible versions? - Stack Overflow
$ virtualenv ~/venvs/ansible_1_9_5 $ source ~/venvs/ansible_1_9_5/bin/activate $ pip install "ansible==1.9.5" $ ansible --version ansible 1.9.5 configured module search path = None
ansible  version  switch  pip  virtalenv  python 
14 days ago by exnihilo
Conda: Myths and Misconceptions | Pythonic Perambulations
Useful summary to counter some Conda/PIP misconceptions.
conda  python  pip 
14 days ago by ids
Python PIP install problem with pycrypto on macOS Installation Guide — Ansible Documentation
macOS If you have issues with the “pycrypto” package install on macOS, then you may need to try `CC=clang sudo -E pip install pycrypto`
python  pip  ansible  install  macOS 
15 days ago by tylerham

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