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Pinterest blocks vaccine-related searches in bid to fight anti-vaxx propaganda | Technology | The Guardian
The phenomenon on display in the Facebook search result screenshots is known in technology circles as a “data void”, after a paper by the Data & Society founder and researcher danah boyd. For certain search terms, boyd explains, “the available relevant data is limited, non-existent, or deeply problematic”.

In the case of vaccines, the fact that scientists and doctors are not producing a steady stream of new digital content about settled science has left a void for conspiracy theorists and fraudsters to fill with fear-mongering propaganda and misinformation. [...]

Pinterest has responded by building a “blacklist” of “polluted” search terms.

“We are doing our best to remove bad content, but we know that there is bad content that we haven’t gotten to yet,” explained Ifeoma Ozoma, a public policy and social impact manager at Pinterest. “We don’t want to surface that with search terms like ‘cancer cure’ or ‘suicide’. We’re hoping that we can move from breaking the site to surfacing only good content. Until then, this is preferable.”
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Elon Musk Jokes about Giving Satoshi a Nobel Prize Reveals Bitcoin Balance | Bitcoin | Pinterest
Just Pinned to Bitcoin: Elon Musk Jokes about Giving Satoshi a Nobel Prize Reveals Bitcoin Balance
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Pinterest has a perfect response to harmful misinformation - The Verge
Pinterest has stopped returning results for searches related to vaccinations, a drastic step the social-media company said is aimed at curbing the spread of misinformation but one that demonstrates the power of tech companies to censor discussion of hot-button issues.

Most shared images on Pinterest relating to vaccination cautioned against it, contradicting established medical guidelines and research showing that vaccines are safe, Pinterest said. The image-searching platform tried to remove the anti-vaccination content, a Pinterest spokeswoman said, but has been unable to remove it completely.
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US Govt Shutdown Hits Southwest Airlines Q1 Revenues Fall $60 Million | Bitcoin | Pinterest
Just Pinned to Bitcoin: US Govt Shutdown Hits Southwest Airlines Q1 Revenues Fall $60 Million
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