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Climate Chaos Is Coming — and the Pinkertons Are Ready - The New York Times
For Pinkerton, the bet is twofold: first, that there’s no real material difference between climate change and any other conflict — as the world grows more predictably dangerous, tactical know-how will simply be more in demand than ever. And second, that by adding data analytics, Pinkerton stands to compete more directly with traditional consulting firms like Deloitte, which offer pre- and postdisaster services (supply-chain monitoring, damage documentation, etc.), but which cannot, say, dispatch a helicopter full of armed guards to Guatemala in an afternoon. In theory, Pinkerton can do both — a fully militarized managerial class at corporate disposal.
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Climate Chaos Is Coming — and the Pinkertons Are Ready - The New York Times
For much of the previous hour, Paz Larach and two other executives from Pinkerton, Carlos Manuel López Portillo Maltos and Paul Rakov, had been explaining the company’s philosophy of risk management. Now over 150 years old, having long outlived its reputation as Andrew Carnegie’s personal militia, the agency has evolved into a modern security firm. Over the last decade or so, Pinkerton began noticing a growing set of anxieties among its corporate clients about distinctly contemporary plagues — active shooters, political unrest, climate disasters — and in response began offering data-driven risk analysis, in addition to what they’re more traditionally known for. Dressed in an untucked powder blue oxford and round, rimless sunglasses, Paz Larach, the firm’s senior vice president in charge of the Americas, paused before affecting a look of brutal candor. “You’re going to turn to desperate measures,” he said. Everybody will. The other Pinkertons nodded.
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Smitten - Pinkerton
Google searches conducted during Bitty’s first night as Kent Parson's cat sitter:

Cat meowing a lot good or bad
Cat stopped meowing good or bad
Cats on balcony safe
How to get cat off balcony
Cat bites dangerous
Where the heck do pro athletes hide the neosporin???????????
Moving cat off lap without getting scratched
Cute cat videos
How to win at cat videos [11,210 words]
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Pinkerton - Brighter Than the Moon
And then there’s Bitty. Teammate to friend to boyfriend. A man whose hospitality and ability to be a total little shit both know no bounds; a talented hockey player whose soft hands work magic with dough; and a solid, comforting weight in Jack’s heart that, only two months in, seems unlikely to be dislodged.

Jack closes his eyes as the plane reaches cruising altitude and smiles.
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Brighter Than the Moon - Pinkerton
Jack's trip to Madison starts with a lapful of Bitty and ends at a Waffle House. In between are trucks, making out, fireworks, first times, and a lot of chirping. [4,715 words]
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Pinkerton - If You Can't Stand the Heat
When Jack needs help to impress a date, Bitty's got his back, even if he hates every minute of it.
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Is Ed Sheeran the most important British man in black music? - Comment - Voices ...
Ed Sheeran Music BBC 1Xtra Lists Opinion The Independent Lee Pinkerton Black people Ethnic minorities (people of colour) Comment Rock music pop and rock Hip Hop Grime (Music)
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The Las Vegas convention-goer’s guide – USA TODAY
The Las Vegas convention-goer’s guideUSA TODAYSoon, experts and enthusiasts from every industry imaginable will be rolling into Las Vegas for meetings, exhibitions and unveilings of innovations in their fields. Glenn Pinkerton, Las Vegas News Bureau. Fullscreen. Hundreds of thousands of attendees … and more …read more Source: Las Vegas News By Google
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