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"When Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic, he does the only thing he can think of. He banishes him. Circumstances force Merlin to live as a woman to avoid recognition, and he wanders through the Kingdom of Camelot, looking for a new purpose in life. He finds it in 4 small children. Thrown away by their parents for gifts they had no choice in recieving. Merlin realizes his true calling is to spread the knowledge that magic means no harm. Some time later, his path crosses with Arthur again. But with the memory of betrayal so fresh in their minds, can they over come the prejudices built over years of distrust and hatred?" (98,791 words) LOVED this one
  merlin  arthur  gwaine  morgana  merlin/gwaine  bamf!merlin  hurt!merlin  girl!merlin  parent!merlin  guilty!arthur  pining!gwaine  hurt/comfort  action  character_study  magic  dragons  genderswap  magic!reveal  confession/secrets  pining  first_time  fandom:merlin  author:theriechenbachevent  have:pdf 
november 2018 by elwarre
The Five Kingdoms
"It was meant to be a solo quest — Merlin struggling to find ingredients for a spell to save King Arthur’s life — until Gwaine was sent to check on him and decided to stay. Now he’ll follow Merlin to the four kingdoms of the elements and back to the mortal realm, meet his own destiny at the Green Chapel, and become the willing champion of the most powerful sorcerer to ever live." (81,416 words)
merlin  gwaine  arthur  merlin/gwaine  bamf!merlin  protective!gwaine  pining!gwaine  sick!arthur  action  angst  hurt/comfort  illness  merpeople  animal_transformation  established!relationship  pairings:unusual  fandom:merlin  author:winterhill  have:pdf 
november 2018 by elwarre
a high and lonesome sound - quintenttsy - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Gwaine's boyfriend breaks up with him, Merlin's just making everything worse and Percival is the only one with half a clue.
merlin  merlin/gwaine  oblivious!merlin  pining!gwaine  genre:fluff  author:quitenttsy  fanfiction 
december 2012 by alamerysl

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action  angst  animal_transformation  arthur  author:quitenttsy  author:theriechenbachevent  author:winterhill  bamf!merlin  character_study  confession/secrets  dragons  established!relationship  fandom:merlin  fanfiction  first_time  genderswap  genre:fluff  girl!merlin  guilty!arthur  gwaine  have:pdf  hurt!merlin  hurt/comfort  illness  magic!reveal  magic  merlin/gwaine  merlin  merpeople  morgana  oblivious!merlin  pairings:unusual  parent!merlin  pining  protective!gwaine  sick!arthur   

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