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Set Fire to This Card House
AU. In which you’ll find agents, hotel beds of varying sizes and sensible rules that still deserve to be broken.
contains:angst  Love  contains:romance  contains:first-time  pining!steve  pining!danny  pairing:steve/danny  au_spy_fic  Over_70k  au  author:zarah5  On_Delicious 
march 2014 by fallsslowly
The Cost of Living
Ex-cop Danny will do anything he has to in order to stay in Hawaii and close to his daughter. Too bad it's something that goes against most of his principles. But he's just what Steve McGarrett needs.
pining!danny  pining!steve  au  pairing:steve/danny  hooker!danny  contains:first-time  Love  author:kalena  author:JiM  Over_60k  au_hooker_fic  On_Delicious 
march 2014 by fallsslowly
Tin Man by forcellari
With Steve, things don’t work as they’re originally designed. 1ch. -- 400wds. Updated: 06/08/11
archive:LJ  fandom:Hawaii_5-0  NoShip  Steve/Danny  fanfic  AU  pre-slash  Transformation!Fic:Other  robot  Pining!Steve  Pining!Danny  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:1.000- 
march 2012 by shibela
Mutual Admiration Society by goddesseris00
What you can write, but can't say, and what needs no words at all. 1ch. -- 3,592wds. Updated: 06/03/11
archive:LJ  fandom:Hawaii_5-0  Steve/Danny  fanfic  pre-slash  slash  Pining!Danny  letters  correspondence  OT4  family  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:3.000+ 
february 2012 by shibela
A Man Does What He Must by shao_fu
A British Intelligence Officer is found murdered while on holiday in Honolulu, the most recent in a string of murders of intelligence officers of different nationalities. An international crime syndicate is suspected and a joint investigation is proposed by the British government and the Governor of Hawaii.
“You really don’t have to explain yourself any further to me, Detective, nor do I feel any compulsion to explain my relationship with John to you or anyone else. If you were half the man he is, you would have progressed from your pathetic schoolboy crush on Commander McGarrett and declared yourself. The fact that you have not merely indicates to me that you do not reciprocate the trust you demand from the object of your affection. You declare that he trusts you to have his back but you don’t trust him, do you? You are not prepared to take the required risk as you already think you know what the outcome will be. In essence, you are a coward.”
f:sherlock  f:crossover  f:h50  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:lj  slash  plot:casefic  plot:mystery  pining!danny  pining!watson  -rating:3/5  p:sherlock/watson  p:mcgarrett/williams  ss  notsaved 
december 2011 by dievillain
The Heat in Hawaii by tempertemper
Written for prompt at LJ Comm 'bitesize_bones': Bones/Hawaii Five-0. Brennan and Booth have to go to Hawaii for an investigation. 1ch. -- 2,858wds. Updated: 02/28/11
archive:LJ  fandom:Bones  crossover  fandom:Hawaii_5-0  Booth/Bones  Steve/Danny  fanfic  AU  pre-slash  First_Meetings  case!fic  Banter  Pining!Danny  Pining!Steve  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:2.000+ 
december 2011 by shibela
The Connotations of Falling by embroiderama
Steve rushes over to Danny's apartment only to find him the victim of an unfortunate collision with his bathtub. 1ch. -- 4,263wds. Updated: 03/21/11
archive:LJ  fandom:Hawaii_5-0  NoShip  Steve/Danny  fanfic  pre-slash  Pining!Steve  Pining!Danny  hospital  intoxicated  Secret_Revealed  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:4.000+ 
november 2011 by shibela
Danny Heals 'verse - GoddessEris00 - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
That story where everything is the same except Danny can heal people and he's keeping it a secret from everyone. (Would be four but for some blah exposition in the middle. Let's call it 3.5)
h50  steve/danno  fantasy  close-to-canon-au  sweet  hurt-comfort  miscommunication  misunderstandings  pining!steve  pining!danny  oblivious!danny  rachel  kono  chin-ho  ★★★ 
november 2011 by mklutz
You put the lime in the coconut (and add the pineapple) by thismuchmore Community 'h50_exchange'
Danny hates that he has to go undercover with Steve again, at a gay bar no less. He doesn't even know how he's supposed to flirt with the goof --without giving his ridiculous crush away, that is. Still, he has to give it to Steve -- the guy makes a mean cocktail. 1ch. -- 6,214wds. Updated: 10/24/11
archive:LJ  fandom:Hawaii_5-0  Steve/Danny  fanfic  pre-slash  slash  undercover  After-hours_Entertainment:Bar/Club  Clothing  Pining!Danny  Coming-Out/Revealing_Relationship  hot_kisses  smut  nc17  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:5.000+ 
november 2011 by shibela
kissemdanno: Fic: A Sure Thing
Everyone in the restaurant thinks they're on a date except Danno. Cute!
h50  steve/danno  sweet  cute  oblivious!danny  pining!danny  pining!steve  ★★★ 
november 2011 by mklutz
Cupid Says No! by holsbells99
Danny is a cupid AU: Danny was pissed. This time of year annoyed him beyond all belief. The store was festooned with cards, many of which featured cupids, cute, little, blond cherubs holding arrows. He gritted his teeth as a foot tall, lurid example in front of him caught his eye. If only people knew, he thought before turning and walking out of the shop with a deep sigh, giving the card a vicious kick as he went. 1ch. -- 7,513wds. Updated: 10/17/11  fandom:Hawaii_5-0  Steve/Danny  fanfic  AU  slash  s:CupidSays...  Transformation!Fic:Other  Angels  Yenta/MatchmakingService  Pining!Danny  Pining!Steve  Oblivious!Danny  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:5.000+ 
october 2011 by shibela
A million ways to be a good one by ellievolia (aka delicatale) & sirona (aka sirona_gs)
It's exceptionally inconvenient to be coming to certain realisations regarding one's feelings towards one's partner, when one's parents decide to come and visit, and one has to sleep on said partner's sofa for the duration. Or the one where Pa and Ma Williams come to Hawai'i, and Danny finds it nigh-on impossible to hide his growing feelings for Steve. Includes pining, angst, meddling parents, and quite a bit of fluff. 1ch. -- 12,999wds. Updated: 10/10/11  fandom:Hawaii_5-0  Steve/Danny  fanfic  slash  family  Meet_the_Parents/Family  Pining!Danny  Pining!Steve  Misunderstandings/Miscommunications  Roommates  Party  food/baked_goods  Personal_Epiphanies  Coming-Out/Revealing_Relationship  Mom_Influence/Central_Figure  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:10.000+ 
october 2011 by shibela
Wish You Were Here by rainbowgoddess
Danny goes to visit his parents and leaves Hawaii for the first time since joining Five-0. While Danny is gone, Steve starts to realize how much Danny means to him. 1ch. -- 2,345wds. Updated: 09/29/11 ***Also located at:  archive:LJ  fandom:Hawaii_5-0  NoShip  Steve/Danny  fanfic  pre-slash  slash  vacation  phone_call  char(H5-0):Steve  char(H5-0):Danny  Secret_Revealed  Pining!Danny  Pining!Steve  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:2.000+  from delicious
october 2011 by shibela
Being in Love Means Always Having to Say You're Sorry (Especially if You're Steve) by blue_jack
"How do you explain there being a sex doll in your closet? And not just any sex doll, oh no, a sex doll that looks like me?" 1ch. -- 1,595wds. Updated: 09/29/11  fandom:Hawaii_5-0  Steve/Danny  fanfic  slash  Secret_Revealed  Sex-toys  Pining!Danny  Clothing  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:1.000+  from delicious
october 2011 by shibela
I Will Love and Tolerate the Shit Out of You by blue_jack
When he’d thought about it, he’d imagined it’d be right after a case, when he’d be riding the high of adrenalin and success, and Steve would be buzzing from causing ridiculous amounts of collateral damage. 1ch. -- 3,052wds. Updated: 09/02/11 [[Favorite bit: "... woah, he thought, as Steve undid the button with his fingers and pulled down his zipper with his teeth all the while looking at him. Steve was a dirty bitch. .... Steve’s shoulders started shaking again, his breath puffing against Danny’s boxers in a very distracting and enjoyable way, and he realized he might have said that last bit out loud.]]  fandom:Hawaii_5-0  Steve/Danny  fanfic  slash  Pining!Danny  Pining!Steve  Banter  smut  nc17  PWP  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:3.000+ 
september 2011 by shibela
Missed Chances
Pairings: UST Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams and Steve McGarrett/John Sheppard<br />
<br />
Summary:  Post 1x23: Steve goes back to active service not wanting to deal with his unrequited feelings. How does this change events?
hellbells101  H5O  sga  crossover  JohnSheppard/SteveMcGarrett  Danny  slightangst  wedding  pining!Danny  from delicious
july 2011 by adafrog
At The Front Door Looking In by lantean_drift
It’s a quiet day in the office when Danny looks at Steve and realises he just has to kiss him. Served with a side of Gracie having a bad day – and shave ice. Oh, and smut. *g* 1ch. -- 8,547wds. Updated: 06/02/11
archive:LJ  fandom:Hawaii_5-0  Steve/Danny  fanfic  slash  Pining!Danny  Pining!Steve  Coffee  food/baked_goods  Babysitting  Parenthood  family  char(H5-0):Grace  char(H5-0):Original_Character  Cuddling/Snuggling  hot_kisses  smut  nc17  humor  Pet-Names/Nicknames  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:5.000+ 
june 2011 by shibela

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