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C#: How to check whether API server is up or down - TechNet Articles - United States (English) - TechNet Wiki
Our purpose is to check the API server so, we can make a request for our resources. It is recommended that before making any request to server (API server in our case), we should make sure that our server is ready and up to handle our requests.

Throughout this article we will create a tiny utility to solve our purpose.
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22 days ago by andyhuey
Uptime Robot
Free Website Uptime Monitoring
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8 weeks ago by undefined
GigsCloud,$4.76每月/KVM/2核/500M/15G SSD/1TB/G口 洛杉矶CN2+GIA线路 | Kvm Xen VPS 服务器 主机 域名
GigsCloud是一家香港公司,最新推出美国洛杉矶机房,电信双程CN2+GIA线路,联通为CU直连的VPS。KVM虚拟,2核CPU+15GB SSD固态盘,1Gbps带宽,1TB流量,$4.76每月,支持支付宝付款。
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8 weeks ago by staram
多个地点Ping服务器,网站测速 - 站长工具
9 weeks ago by staram

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