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Pinboard and Delicious OS X client
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10 hours ago by squishyrobot
Pinboard: Frequently Asked Questions
- What happens if I import the same bookmarks twice?
- Saving Bookmarks
- - How do I add bookmarks?
- - How do I install the bookmarklets?
- - Can I save a bookmark without filling out a form?
- - Can I save bookmarks by email?
- Viewing Bookmarks
- - How can I see all bookmarks from a specific source?
- - Can I filter my bookmarks by multiple tags?
- - Is there a way to sort by title?
- - Can I see a list of all my dead links?
- - Why can't other people see my unread bookmarks?
- Search
- - Can I use Boolean operators in search?
FAQ  pinboard 
17 hours ago by neerajsinghvns
The age of white Christian America is ending. Here's how it got there. - Vox
In the introduction to his 1987 Cultural Literacy, E.D. Hirsch Jr. laments the loss of a shared American culture — a body of knowledge, from Shakespeare to the Bible, that united Americans.
news  pinboard 
18 hours ago by cwebbdesign
Green Arabia
"The typical Yemeni eating establishment resembles a commodities trading floor on one of those days they call ’Black’. There is not a lot of furniture, but there is a lot going on."
pinboard  travel 
20 hours ago by engles
Pinner URL Scheme
To add a bookmark to Pinner you can use the following URL scheme:
pinboard  url_schemes  pinner 
22 hours ago by sevdrake
War on Urchin! (Pinboard Blog)
This is for reference on how to do my own bookmark cleaning. Odd that this blog post doesn't exist anymore. I wonder if Pinboard itself will back up this Google cached version of its own dead link.

Here's the content of the post in case it goes away:

> If you've ever clicked an article in your RSS reader or Twitter stream, you may have noticed an unsightly query string clinging to the end of your URL like shit to a sneaker:
> These parameters are used for tracking by a Google product called Urchin ( There are five of them (term, campaign, media, source and content) and they are just another one of the malicious effects of URL shortening ( When everyone is passing around shortened links, it's easier to add this kind of cruft to the fully-expanded URLs without anyone caring much.
> Today I finally started stripping utm_* query parameters from all URLs arriving in Pinboard. They create needless URL bloat, erode user privacy, make it more difficult to identify duplicate content, and benefit ad publishers at the expense of everyone else. Out they go!
> It will take me a little while to make this change retroactive, so some users may see what appear to be duplicate bookmarks show up in their account. Please rest assured that these will disappear as I work my way backwards through the database.
> Soon: death to URL shorteners!
> —maciej on June 11, 2011
bookmarks  development  pinboard 
yesterday by trey
Pinner for Pinboard
Pinner – A delightful app for your Pinboard bookmarks
app  pinboard  bookmarks  tools 
yesterday by kopfbunt
Matt Lambert's Short Film 'Flower' Film Finds Intimacy in Sex & Friendship | Out Magazine
Flower starts with a moan of ecstasy and ends with a queer, punk singalong. Sandwiched in-between, five friends from Helix Studios spend 15 minutes redefining the line between intimacy, friendship, and sex under the directorial lens of Matt Lambert.
pinboard  queer 
2 days ago by cwebbdesign
This viral tweetstorm about anal sex has a very important message about sex education - Vox
You probably never heard your sex education teacher stop the class and say it’s time to talk about anal sex. But maybe you should have. In a recent tweetstorm, Teen Vogue digital editorial director Phillip Picardi broke down why his magazine recently ran a story on some of the basics of anal sex.
pinboard  queer 
2 days ago by cwebbdesign
Call out culture's generation gap: Tumblr, queer theory, and lateral violence - Archer Magazine
Recent reports label millennials the “gayest generation ever”. I didn’t doubt it for a second. We are producing some of the most diverse, well-rounded representations of queer folk, and these depictions are reaching the mainstream in some of the largest quantities in history.
pinboard  queer 
2 days ago by cwebbdesign
How to capture the aura of a person on camera | Dazed
Type Mick Rock’s name into Google and you’re reliably informed that he’s ‘The Man Who Shot The Seventies’.
pinboard  visual-inspiration 
2 days ago by cwebbdesign
Hidden Features and Third Party Programs That Make Spotify Work for You - Motherboard
This article originally appeared on Motherboard Germany. With over 30 million songs and close to 1,500 genres, it's no wonder that Spotify has become the go-to app for music connoisseurs the world over. via Pocket
ifttt  longreads  pinboard  Pocket  reading 
3 days ago by rockbandit
Peter Sagan on Twitter: "Mark, get well soon! I prefer a finish like the one in the first photo 😉 but whatever the outcome, I look forward to racing against you!"
Mark, get well soon! I prefer a finish like the one in the first photo but whatever the outcome, I look forward to racing against you! via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  pinboard  twitter 
3 days ago by abemad
Pinboard acquires Delicious
In December of 2010, Yahoo announced it was ‘sunsetting’ Delicious, an adventure I wrote about at length. The site was sold to the YouTube founders in 2011. They subsequently sold it to Science, Inc. in 2014. Science sold it to Delicious Media in 2016, and last month Delicious Media sold it to me. Do not attempt to compete with Pinboard.
history  pinboard  bookmarks 
3 days ago by terry
Eight years of victory
The big story this year was last month's surprise acquisition of Pinboard's long-time nemesis Delicious. This illustrates the importance of always having a backup nemesis, an area where Pinboard leads the industry.
pinboard  bookmarks 
3 days ago by terry
Pinboard metrics
My favorite lifestyle business; I'm using it right now!
pinboard  bookmarking  via:nelson 
3 days ago by Freiner

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