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Taxes and Your Counseling Practice: Q&A with Jennifer Bierds, CPA — QA Prep
This blog is a little different but suuuuuuuper important for therapists in private practice to consider... Jennifer Bierds, CPA is answering your tax questions! I surveyed a group of therapists to see what were the most common or applicable questions, then I shot them over to Jennifer.
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You searched for taxes - 99to1percent
Hello readers, Today we are going to show you how we live on 15% of our income in spite of living in HCOL (High Cost of Living) city. Hopefully, you can implement some of...
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Password Security: Complexity vs. Length [Updated 2018]
When it comes to user authentication, the password is, and has been, the most used mechanism; passwords are used to access computers, mobile devices, networks or operating systems. In essence, they are part of our everyday lives.
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You searched for real estate notes - Financial Samurai
Real estate crowdfunding involves the pooling of funds by multiple investors in a real estate project. There are two main investment types to choose from:
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Save to Pocket - Chrome Web Store
Pocket Extension for Chrome - The best way to save articles, videos and more When you find something in Chrome that you want to view later, put it in Pocket. It automatically syncs to your phone, tablet or computer so you can view it at any time, even without an internet connection.
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The Ultimate Retirement Planning Guide - The Retirement Manifesto
Today, I present The Ultimate Retirement Planning Guide to help you on your journey to retirement, regardless of what stage you’re at in life. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the strong subscriber growth over the past few months, and am humbled by the exposure this blog has received. via Pocket
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Help with IRA to Roth IRA Conversion -
This is my first post. I've known about this forum for some time, but for some reason didn't join the community before. But I know this is the place to go for good advice on investing questions. Enough introduction, this is the issue: I have been unemployed this whole 2014 year. via Pocket
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3 days ago by basecamp
6 Reasons To Do A Roth IRA Conversion In Your 50s, 60s |
Roth IRAs can be a young person's game. If you aren't earning much, saving in a traditional, pre-tax IRA doesn't help you save much in taxes. via Pocket
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4 days ago by basecamp
Two Great Lightweight Backpacking Gear Lists - Adventure Alan
These Two Great Lightweight Backpacking Gear Lists, 5 Pound or 9 Pound, will save you a lot of pack-weight but still keep a smile on your face.
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At China’s Internet Conference, a Darker Side of Tech Emerges - The New York Times
WUZHEN, China — Every year at the World Internet Conference, held since 2014 in the photogenic canal town of Wuzhen near Shanghai, companies and government officials have convened to send a message: China is a high-tech force to be reckoned with. At China’s Internet Conference, a Darker Side of Tech Emerges
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4 days ago by Agiza

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