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Home-made Christmas Mincemeat | Recipes | Delia Online
You can buy some very good mincemeat, but when it is home-made it really is in another league, and once you make it yourself, you'll never look back. This recipe is from Delia's Happy Christmas.
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2 days ago by cwebbdesign
Militant Buddhism is on the march in South-East Asia – where did it come from?
Even ten years on, the first mental image that comes to mind with regard to Theravāda Buddhism is that of Myanmar’s Saffron Revolution of August-September 2007: thousands of Buddhist monks peacefully demonstrating in the streets of Yangon, Mandalay, Pakokku, Sittwe and other towns against the ru
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3 days ago by cwebbdesign
Trans spaces: Left out - Archer Magazine
It took me five years to feel comfortable and respected in my gender. Five years of learning and unlearning, blog posts and academia, art, protest, music, grime, sweat and dancing.
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3 days ago by cwebbdesign
Atlassian Boosted Its Female Technical Hires By 80% — Here’s How | First Round Review
On Aubrey Blanche’s first day as Atlassian’s Global Head of Diversity Inclusion, the company was hiring roughly 10% women into its technical workforce. Over the last year, 18% of their technical hires were women. That’s an impressive 80% delta. via Pocket
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3 days ago by lfcipriani
From JavaScript to ClojureScript - YouTube
Patreon:'s Music: goal of Doing Computers is to make educational screencasts which show the material through live-coding rather than speaking to the viewer. This is meant to be an introduction to cljs for js progr
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3 days ago by cwebbdesign
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7 days ago by vloux
How Sentry Receives 20 Billion Events Per Month While | StackShare
By James Cunningham, Operations Engineer, Sentry. Unless your engineering team is staffed by angels who commute down to the office from heaven every morning, we’re pretty confident you run into plenty of problems developing and iterating on your applications in production. via Pocket
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7 days ago by lfcipriani

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