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✢ The Other Man out of Time
"Also known as Time Travelling Clint Wrecks the Universe. Due to The Time Stone having a great day screwing around the fabric of reality, Clint finds half of himself - or a copy of himself? he doesn't know how the damn thing works and no-one in the know is talking any sense - thrown back into Normandy, 1944. Great. Wanda always said his life was a bit of a car crash; he supposes he's in no place to argue with that now he's actually watching his alter-ego get caught up in Captain America's original assault against Hydra, while also finding the time to embark on a (probably doomed) love affair of epic proportions." (97,320 words)
  clint_barton  bucky_barnes  steve_rogers  tony_stark  natasha_romanov  wanda_maximoff  pietro_maximoff  sam_wilson  clint/bucky  steve/tony  bamf!clint  military!clint  deaf!clint  timetraveler!clint  protective!clint  kidnapped!clint  tortured!clint  hurt!clint  grieving!clint  bamf!bucky  military!bucky  protective!bucky  kidnapped!bucky  tortured!bucky  hurt!bucky  amnesiac!bucky  pov:clint  angst  hurt/comfort  friendship  timetravel  altered!reality  dreams/visions  magic  military  homophobia  disability  kidnapping  torture  brainwashing/mindgames  amnesia  grief  recovery  first_time  fandom:marvel  author:sara_holmes  have:pdf 
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dissolvit ut glaciem
Fill for this prompt over at xmen-firstkink: "Charles wasn't disabled by the bullet, but he was captured by someone evil after he was left on the beach. He was tortured into insanity and winds up kind of like River from Firefly. So... powerful, dangerous, vulnerable, the whole shebang. It's a shock for Erik to see him again in DoFP, with Charles as this powerful but completely insane mutant. Charles has been able to heal over the last few years, but there's still some damage. Would love them to get together." (7211 words) bittersweet
charles_xavier  erik_lehnsherr  hank_mccoy  logan  pietro_maximoff  charles/erik  bamf!charles  telepath!charles  telekinetic!charles  hurt!charles  feral!charles  bottom!charles  guilty!erik  top!erik  protective!hank  mansion!fic  angst  telepathy  telekinesis  resentment  ust  first_time  x:futurepast  fandom:xmen 
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✢ Rumor Has It
"Did I hear the doorbell earlier?" "Yeah, but I'd steer clear if I were you. It seemed a little tense. I don't know what's going on, but there's a kid out there who looks freakily like the prof." Nearly six months after Cuba, Charles' life is turned upside down for the second time. Though he's slowly learning to adapt to the first, he's not sure he can handle the second. Luckily for him, there are a few people out there more than willing to help. (165,961 words)
  charles_xavier  erik_lehnsherr  raven  sean_cassidy  hank_mccoy  alex_summers  angel_salvadore  janos_quested  azazel(xmen)  emma_frost  moira_mactaggert  wanda_maximoff  pietro_maximoff  charles/erik  bamf!charles  parent!charles  telepath!charles  protective!charles  hurt!charles  depressed!charles  kidnapped!charles  tortured!charles  paralyzed!charles  amnesiac!charles  parent!erik  guilty!erik  protective!erik  pining!erik  angst  hurt/comfort  domesticity  mansion!fic  depression  abuse:child(past)  homophobia  disability  paralysis  telepathy  kidnapping  torture  amnesia  escape/rescue  recovery  pining  first_time  series/verse  x:firstclass  fandom:xmen  author:blueink3  have:pdf 
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White Noise by tawabids
On each night, Charles Xavier must tell a story and continue it tomorrow night to save himself from being hanged. He must tell it without losing Magneto’s interest, the madman ruling Genosha/Brotherhood who is on the verge of slaughtering the humans. He must tell it bound with chains, with the crown of metal that blocks his telepathy, on Magneto’s bed.

Told through letters, articles, and video, a brilliant, world-building story.
fanfic  lj  x-men  Charles/Erik  au  Raven(Mystique)/Hank(Beast)  Wanda_Maximoff  Pietro_Maximoff  Emma_Frost  scars  bonding  mpreg  brain.washing  dub-con  Alex_Summers  angst  author:tawabids 
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abuse:child(past)  alex_summers  altered!reality  amnesia  amnesiac!bucky  amnesiac!charles  angel_salvadore  angst  au  author:blueink3  author:sara_holmes  author:tawabids  avengers  azazel(xmen)  bamf!bucky  bamf!charles  bamf!clint  bobby_drake  bonding  bottom!charles  brain.washing  brainwashing/mindgames  bucky_barnes  charles/erik  charles_xavier  clint/bucky  clint_barton  deaf!clint  depressed!charles  depression  disability  domesticity  dreams/visions  dub-con  emma_frost  erik_lehnsherr  escape/rescue  fandom:marvel  fandom:xmen  fanfic  feral!charles  fic  first_time  friendship  grief  grieving!clint  guilty!erik  hank_mccoy  have:pdf  homophobia  hurt!bucky  hurt!charles  hurt!clint  hurt/comfort  janos_quested  kidnapped!bucky  kidnapped!charles  kidnapped!clint  kidnapping  lj  logan/pietro  logan  magic  mansion!fic  marvel  maryjane_watson  military!bucky  military!clint  military  moira_mactaggert  mpreg  natasha_romanov  paralysis  paralyzed!charles  parent!charles  parent!erik  peter/mj  peter_parker  pining!erik  pining  pov:clint  protective!bucky  protective!charles  protective!clint  protective!erik  protective!hank  raven(mystique)/hank(beast)  raven  recovery  resentment  sam_wilson  scars  sean_cassidy  series/verse  steve/tony  steve_rogers  telekinesis  telekinetic!charles  telepath!charles  telepathy  thor  timetravel  timetraveler!clint  tony_stark  top!erik  torture  tortured!bucky  tortured!charles  tortured!clint  ust  vision  wanda/vision  wanda_maximoff  wolverine  x-men  x:firstclass  x:futurepast   

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