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Vintage Motorcycle Parts | Z1 H2 CB H1 KZ
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15 days ago by rvdb
Planning a Digital Transformation: Perspectives from the User Community
"We’re still not using the system: One of the most common measures for success versus failure is system work arounds. If a majority or even reasonable percentage of people are still using old processes or creating their own spreadsheets, this is an indication of a lack of change management. There needs to be measures in place to test new processes and system adoption, as well as proper communication, training and alignment from the start."
digital  strategy  organizational  change  management  common  myths  transformation  erp  management:  the  #1  key  to  success  missing  pieces  of  your  plan 
11 weeks ago by jonerp
Buy LEGO Doors and Windows | Brick Owl - LEGO Marketplace
Whether you are building a Lego dolls house or a mansion fit for a king, what building would be complete without some doors and windows. Be sure to match doors, shutters and glass to the correct frames.
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march 2019 by ashwath22

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