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The Shift Wheel: Changing Consumer Purchasing | World Resources Institute
To help shift people’s diets, we propose a new framework based on proven private sector marketing tactics: the Shift Wheel.
marketing  climatechange  behavior  diagram  picture 
17 days ago by npdoty
Protein Scorecard | World Resources Institute
Scorecard of carbon impact of different protein sources. Beef is far and away the biggest problem, but shifting towards beans (and even fish) would also help.
climatechange  diet  environment  diagram  picture  protein 
17 days ago by npdoty
Sorta like progressive JPEG's, but for your whole site?
webdev  progressive  image  load  hash  blur  blurry  picture  photo  software 
6 weeks ago by asteroza
Snapseed App Tutorial: The Complete Guide To Snapseed Photo Editing
Learn to use the Snapseed photo editing app to make your ordinary iPhone photos look amazing. Follow along with our Snapseed video tutorials.
snapseed  picture  imaging 
10 weeks ago by mcpride

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