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Lorem Picsum
Lorem Ipsum... but for photos
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9 days ago by lgtout
Custom Photo, Painting & Picture Frames Online | Frames Express
Upload pictures & design customised picture frames & mounts. All photo frames are hand crafted to the highest standard in the UK & delivered direct to you!
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9 days ago by asaltydog
Picture Frames in Any Size - Low Prices & Fast Delivery
Picture Frames in Any Size - Low Prices & Fast Delivery Free Delivery when you spend over £30.00 ‡ Up to 55% Off Our Highstreet Prices † 0871 288 7602 Sales…
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9 days ago by asaltydog
Images des mathématiques
La recherche mathématique en mots et en images
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13 days ago by dyab
The Secret Power of the Children’s Picture Book - Even infants get profound cognitive and behavioral benefits from sharing a vivid story
Much of the hidden magic of reading aloud has to do with those curious eyes and that devouring gaze. Looking at a book with an adult, a child increases his capacity for “joint attention,” noticing what others see and following their gaze. This phenomenon has a remarkable tempering power in children. It encourages the development of executive function, an array of skills that includes the ability to remember details and to pay attention.
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19 days ago by emilyd

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