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The present phase of stagnation in the foundations of physics is not normal | Hacker News
Discussion about the viability of outrageous discovery in physics. As Peter Shor comments "So, people, go hide in your attics!"
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5 hours ago by keithpeter
On Blaming Cosmic Rays
Only by understanding what limits your performance can you hope to have a reasonable estimate of what is possible.
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12 hours ago by kmt
Learn Physics by Programming in Haskell [pdf] | Hacker News
Some interesting FP books and ppl's observations around them
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yesterday by cldwalker
quantum art and poetry: June 2012
The capacity for life must have existed in the Universe from the very beginning of time. But where did the symmetry and geometry for the diversity and complexity of life come from?
honors  philosophy  teaching_pol_theory  Poetry  physics  universe 
yesterday by Jibarosoy
What really happens inside cells - Cells are very fast and crowded places (2011)
I recently learned that cells are extremely crowded and busy places. I knew there's a lot of activity in cells, but I didn't realize just how much until I was reading Molecular Biology of the Cell. I was reading this molecular biology textbook to find out what's happened in molecular biology in the last decade or so, and found I had some misconceptions about how fast things happen inside cells.
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2 days ago by mfernando

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