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[1809.05128] Nuclear Processes in Other Universes: Varying the Strength of the Weak Force
Motivated by the possibility that the laws of physics could be different in other regions of space-time, we consider nuclear processes in universes where the weak interaction is either stronger or weaker than observed....

We then consider stellar structure and evolution for the different nuclear compositions resulting from BBN, a wide range of weak force strengths, and the full range of stellar masses for a given universe. We delineate the range of this parameter space that supports working stars, along with a determination of the dominant nuclear reactions over the different regimes....

Although stars in these universes are somewhat different, they have comparable surface temperatures, luminosities, radii, and lifetimes, so that a wide range of such universes remain potentially habitable.
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18 hours ago by PeterErwin
Quantum Diaries
nice overview of standard model
yesterday by karlicoss
Scientists discover novel process to convert infrafed light into visible light
The researchers even pulsed light through two strips of bacon wrapped around a flask.
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2 days ago by emkay

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