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3 simple questions to ask yourself to find the best art college for you
This is the original site, which included a link in the statement "Impactful success, making a difference in your community and the world, helping illuminate and combat the 21st century's most pressing social problems with your art." that is now 404.
Still looking for that info.
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january 2019 by pagecarr
The Trump appointee who lied on his résumé - The Washington Post
It is one thing to erroneously misstate time served in previous employment. (One could be forgiven a typo once or twice.) But for Mr. Weyeneth to claim a master’s degree from Fordham University is flat-out lying, as “a university official told The Post he has not finished his coursework.”

As a former federal employee of more than three decades, I knew early on that lying to the federal government to gain employment was a firing offense.
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april 2018 by pagecarr

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