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A Dangerous Brain | The Marshall Project
> Now a group of neuroscientists at the University of New Mexico propose to use brain imaging technology to improve risk assessments.

Researchers use "brain-age" (based on volume and density of gray matter) as an improvement over chronological age as a risk factor for recidivism.

> After analyzing the brain scans of 1,332 New Mexico and Wisconsin men and boys — ages 12 to 65 — in state prisons and juvenile facilities, the team found that by combining brain age and activity with psychological measures, such as impulse control and substance dependence, they could accurately predict rearrest in most cases.

experts disagree about how these predictions should be used (defense can use it as a mitigating factor, for example), the common debate about "risk assessment" vs. "needs assessment" -- apparently you can "encourage growth in brain areas linked to skills like empathy or self-control".
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june 2019 by tarakc02
RT : After and here comes the new of facial expressions : “AI job interview anal…
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march 2019 by tante
So, the "facial personality analytics" ( 2.0?) startup Faception claims they can tell criminals and terr…
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november 2018 by briantrice
1935年,北平警察内部刊物上,刊登巡逻时应根据面相来判断潜在罪犯。#乱翻书# [Photo ]
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july 2017 by jdmartinsen
Troubling Study Says Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Who Will Be Criminals Based on Facial Features
Unlike a human examiner/judge, a computer vision algorithm or classifier has absolutely no subjective baggages, having no emotions, no biases whatsoever due to past experience, race, religion, political doctrine, gender, age, etc., no mental fatigue, no preconditioning of a bad sleep or meal.
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november 2016 by rachaelsullivan
Scanning for terrorism - brain fingerprinting offers new hope in anti-terrorism fight
And now, 'brain fingerprinting', because what we need is more biometric reductionism...
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january 2016 by wragge
Millennials to Snake People
chrome plugin that changes all occurrences of 'millennials' to 'snake people'.
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may 2015 by pjjw
Many links about Phrenology
Bumps and Lumps A Bit About Phrenology Alexander Bain: Transition From Introspective Psychology To Experimental Psychophysiology - by Robert M. Young American Phrenology Journal Boston College Phrenology Site Brief History of Phrenology & The Psychograph Brontë Sources, Texts, and Criticism Classics in the History of Psychology - by Christopher D. Green Commentary: Law and Phrenology - by Pierre Schlag Cranioscopy Ellen White and Phrenology Ellen White and Phrenology Experimental Sensory-Motor Physiology And The Association Psychology - by Robert M. Young Gall and Phrenology: Speculation versus Observation versus Experiment Good Phrenology Site Herbert Spencer: Phrenology, Evolutionary Associationism, And Cerebral Localization - by Robert M. Young History of Phrenology and the Psychograph History of Science Inside Nick's Head Law and Phrenology Lombroso Home Page Mark Twain Debunks Phrenology Measuring Heads - theories similar to phrenology Mind And Body: René Descartes To William Jame
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march 2015 by StJohnBosco
History of Phrenology on the Web
What was phrenology? Phrenology was a science of character divination, faculty psychology, theory of brain and what the 19th-century phrenologists called "the only true science of mind." Phrenology came from the theories of the idiosyncratic Viennese physician Franz Joseph Gall (1758-1828). The basic tenets of Gall's system were: 1.The brain is the organ of the mind. 2. The mind is composed of multiple, distinct, innate faculties. 3. Because they are distinct, each faculty must have a separate seat or "organ" in the brain. 4. The size of an organ, other things being equal, is a measure of its power. 5. The shape of the brain is determined by the development of the various organs. 6. As the skull takes its shape from the brain, the surface of the skull can be read as an accurate index of psychological aptitudes and tendencies. (For a description in Gall's own words see: Letter to von Retzer)
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march 2015 by StJohnBosco
Skulls in print: scientific racism in the transatlantic world | University of Ca...
A PhD studentΓÇÖs research at CambridgeΓÇÖs Department of History and Philosophy of Science has revealed how racist ideas and images circulated between the United States and Europe in the 19th century. "In the course of advocating for the freedom of African slaves, men like Prichard and Combe allowed scientific racism to flourish" :James Poskett. A mummified corpse. An embalmed head. A neat bullet hole in the side of a skull. These are just some of the 78 disturbing illustrations which make up Samuel George MortonΓÇÖs Crania Americana, undoubtedly the most important work in the history of scientific racism. Published in Philadelphia in 1839, Morton divided mankind into five races before linking the character of each race to skull configuration. In a claim typical of the developing racial sciences, Morton wrote of Native Americans that ΓÇ£the structure of his mind appears to be different from that of the white manΓÇ¥.
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march 2015 by StJohnBosco

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