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Wavelengths of light and photosynthetic pigments (article) | Khan Academy
Properties of light; Photons in photosynthesis. How chlorophylls and other pigments absorb light.
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Lecture 1 | Modern Physics: Quantum Mechanics (Stanford) | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Lecture 1 | Modern-day Physics: Quantum Mechanics (Stanford) Lecture 1 of Leonard Susskind’s Modern-day Physics system concentrating on Quantum Mechanics. Recorded January 14, 2008 at Stanford College. This Stanford Continuing Experiments system is the 2nd of a six-quarter sequence of courses discovering the crucial theoretical foundations of modern-day physics. The subject areas lined in this […]
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august 2017 by wotek
The Weirdness Of Quantum Physics Just Got Weirder
Entangled photons can be created from two different loci.
entanglement  quantum-mechanics  photons 
april 2017 by swehba

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