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RT : Egyptian vibes metmuseum. 📷: for reuters Manhattan, NY.
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5 days ago by mshook
This is a Photographer Covering the Wildfires in California
As dry and windy conditions cause raging wildfires in California, there are brave men and women putting themselves in harm’s way to document what’s happening and serve as the eyes of the world. This incredible photo by photographer Noah Berger shows photographer Justin Sullivan braving wind-blown embers while covering the devastating Camp Fire in Paradise, California.
15 days ago by reginajmc
Tent Life / CommMedia / Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications at Penn State
Photo posted December 12, 2015 in Best of CommMedia, News by Haley Nelson

Zack Troyer, a senior plant science major at Penn State, decided to take on a bet with his friends that he could live in a tent on a nearby farm for his entire fall semester in State College, Pa. In August of 2015, Troyer set up his old 10 foot by 14 foot canvas tent secluded in a small stand of mature trees on Meyer Dairy Farm. He also began to work several days a week for Denny Meyer, the owner of the farm.
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19 days ago by reginajmc
100 Photographs | The Most Influential Images of All Time
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4 weeks ago by reginajmc
What do newspapers lose when they use non-professional photography? - American Press Institute
But are photos from non-professionals as compelling as those produced by professional photojournalists? Not according to new research from Tara Mortensen, assistant professor at the University of South Carolina, and Peter Gade, professor at the University of Oklahoma.
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6 weeks ago by reginajmc
Nicholas Kristof on Twitter: "News orgs should remember that: If resources are scarce, you may be better with photos/video w/o articles rather than the other way around"
News orgs should remember that: If resources are scarce, you may be better with photos/video w/o articles rather than the other way around
6 weeks ago by reginajmc
Nicholas Kristof on Twitter: "The impact of the photo of the drowned Syrian child underscores that photojournalism isn't secondary to journalism but at its very core."
The impact of the photo of the drowned Syrian child underscores that photojournalism isn't secondary to journalism but at its very core.
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6 weeks ago by reginajmc
Eyetracking Photojournalism: New research explores what makes a photograph memorable, shareable, and worth publishing | NPPA
Quality matters, they said. And quality in photojournalism is all about strength of story, a genuine moment, rare access and a perspective on what’s happening in the world. 

These details from extensive interviews in a project funded by the National Press Photographers Association begin to help us understand what people value in journalistic photography. 

Can people differentiate between professional and amateur photographs? Yes, quite definitely. Study participants were able to tell whether a photograph was made by a professional or an amateur 90 percent of the time. 
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6 weeks ago by reginajmc
VIDEO: James Nachtwey Receives Lifetime Achievement Award | Time
We’re the point people, the first link with reality in a collaborative, journalistic chain. Each of us is a single mind, a single sensibility – one pair of eyes and one pair of ears – one heart – moving through the real world in real time, to tell the stories of what happens to people, one-by-one, at the sharp end of history. We navigate dangers, endure hardships and get our hearts broken by what we witness, over and over again, because we believe that peoples’ opinions matter – that our society cannot function properly without the information we provide and without the stories we tell.
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6 weeks ago by reginajmc
As photos flood our screens, which ones hold our attention? | Poynter
“Other editors, with the story’s text in hand, may judge photographs by what they have read. Don’t join them. The reader sees before he ever reads and may never read if there’s nothing interesting to see.”
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6 weeks ago by reginajmc
Why Photojournalism Matters | Poynter
The content of a picture, not just its artistic quality, conveys powerful meaning and emotion to readers. No disrespect intended to the creative artiste, but newsrooms need journalists -- journalists who are rooted in accuracy and can harness aesthetic appreciation in their work. The content that readers value most from photojournalists is essential information about the world them.

"The world needs photojournalists to help discern what is really happening and what matters most."
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6 weeks ago by reginajmc
We are bearing witness to a profound moment in black culture, Aperture shows - Los Angeles Times
“First, in general, just even the idea of storytelling — the aesthetics, the accent, and the structure of storytelling still has to operate in the empire of this Eurocentric America. America is really European aesthetics. In general, the vocabulary of America is a white supremacist vocabulary and Europe lives in America with all of us being the ambassador and emissary of its vocabulary. My struggle is not only what I want to tell, but it is the very form of storytelling that I am in constant struggle with.”
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6 weeks ago by allaboutgeorge
7 Smartphone Photo Tips and Tricks for Journalists
Lighting Is Everything
Don’t Over Edit Yourself
Get Close (Don’t Zoom)
Treat Instagram Like Your Portfolio
Don’t Overdo It With the Filters
Shoot From the Hip, Literally
Remember Etiquette
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10 weeks ago by fozbaca

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