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Photojournalist or pack mule? A look back at the good old days of wire service photography | Photos | Dallas News
Becoming a wire service photographer in 1987 had numerous job requirements that still apply today. However, one backbreaking prerequisite no longer pertains in 2012.
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1 hour ago by noodlepie
Contribute to FastPhotoStyle development by creating an account on GitHub.
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2 hours ago by geetarista
The Power of RAW on iPhone, Part 2: Editing RAW – Halide
Sebastiaan de With (of Halide.ipa camera app) writing about RAW files on iPhone.

See his notes on Image which can separate RAW+JPG pairs.

He seems to like Darkroom.ipa, which I have previously bookmarked.
photography  iphone 
5 hours ago by metaproof
Zohra Opoku
"Zohra Opoku is a German/Ghanaian multidisciplinary artist living and working in Accra.

With a keen and disciplined eye for textile and design, Opoku employees installation, sculpture, and photography at the helm of her practice. She conceptualizes West African traditions, spirituality, the thread of family lineage as they relate to self authorship and the politics of her hybrid identity. A globalized social consumption and the commodification of all things African are a driving force in what she sees as the nemesis of her thesis, and the relevance of cultural credentials within this state of being.

Opoku has exhibited her work in association with Gallery Commune1 Capetown, CCA Lagos, ANO Ghana/ DAK´ART 11th Biennial, Nubuke Foundation Accra, Kunsthaus Hamburg, Gallery Peter Herrmann Berlin, Musée de l´Ethnographie 
Bourdeaux, Guggenheim Bilbao, Broad Art Museum Michigan, Kruger Gallery Chicago and 1.54 NY. Her residencies include Art OMI Ghent(NY), Iwalewa Haus Bayreuth(DE), Jan van Eyck Institute Maastricht(NL), Kala Institute Berkeley(CA) and Institute Sacatar Salvador Da Bahia(BR).

Opoku is represented by MARIANE IBRAHIM Seattle."
zohraopoku  art  artists  textiles  ghana  design  photography 
16 hours ago by robertogreco
Go for gold! Vintage portraits of California prospectors – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian
"Young gold-rush prospectors stare down the camera in these striking daguerreotypes and tintypes of the 1850s, from a time before California boomtowns became ghost towns"
classideas  california  history  photography  1950s  boomtons  goldrush  daguerreotypes  tintypes 
19 hours ago by robertogreco

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