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The Ultimate Guide to Renaming Photos in Lightroom
Renaming photos in Lightroom lets your replace the generic filenames used by your camera with names that are more relevant or useful to you.
photography  lightroom  howto  rename 
5 hours ago by kger
All effects - PhotoFunia: Free pic editor online with library of picture effects & photo filters
PhotoFunia is a leading free photo editing site packed with a huge library of picture editor effects & photo filters. Edit pictures with online pic editor.
photography  editor 
6 hours ago by NSwoRmit
The First Sony E-Mount Lenses You Should Buy: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
After more than a dozen hours of new research and hands-on testing, we’ve updated our guide to include the best lenses for new Sony E-mount camera owners.
camera  photography 
10 hours ago by raygank
Capricious Photo Award
The Capricious Award will provide one photographer with the resources and editorial support to bring a body of work to fruition. The award will be juried by photographers, critics and curators, with the intent to select a photographer whose work is both distinct in point of view and boldly relevant to the unfolding issues of our time. The award continues the legacy of Capricious Magazine, culminating in the form of a photo book.
award  grant  photography  alumni 
10 hours ago by risdgrants
Tello: $100 drone from Ryze Tech
We set out to build the most fun drone ever, and we came up with Tello: an impressive little drone for kids and adults that’s a blast to fly and helps users learn about drones with coding education. Get yourself a Tello to find out just how awesome flying can be!
drone  ryzetech  robotics  photography 
11 hours ago by cyberchucktx
These Are the 5 Best Nikon Lenses for Full Frame DSLRs, According to Photographer Kai Wong | Shutterbug
We recently shared a video where photographer and YouTube personality Matt Granger picked his 9 favorite Nikon F-mount lenses. Well, another popular YouTuber has gotten into the act and chosen what he calls “the 5 best Nikon lenses for full frame” DSLRs.
photography  nikon  lenses  recommendations  best 
12 hours ago by kger

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