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'They wanted to jail us all' – Black Panthers photographer Neil Kenlock looks back | Art and design | The Guardian
From beauty pageants to burned-down pubs, Neil Kenlock spent decades capturing the struggles – and victories – of black Britain. Here he relives ‘some of the best years of my life’
NeilKenlock  BlackPeople  BlackCulture  BlackMen  BlackWomen  History  BlackHistory  Photography  TheGuardian  BlackPanthers  Art  Beauty 
19 hours ago by dk33per
Uzbekistan's Secret Underground
After a longtime ban on photographing the Tashkent Metro was lifted this summer, RFE/RL’s photographer went underground to reveal the art, architecture, and nuclear-blast protection in Central Asia’s oldest subway system.
Subway  Soviet  Tashkent  Uzbekistan  photography 
21 hours ago by NightOwlCity
Best DSLR Cameras You Can Buy in 2018, Ranked - Photography Life
Without a doubt, DSLR cameras have been a popular choice among photographers for many years now, thanks to their excellent image quality, incredibly fast
photography  best 
23 hours ago by kger
The Found Photos project started in 2004 while searching for mp3's using a filesharing program. After downloading a folder of mp3's, I came across a folder named 'pictures' inside of the mp3 folder and found a handful of digital camera photos. This made me wonder what else was out there, what people are publicly sharing. After a few quick keyword searches I came across thousands of them being shared publicly. The Found Photos Archives consist of my filtered view from thousands of images downloaded via peer to peer filesharing networks.
photography  archive 
yesterday by mthw
Clayton Cubitt on Twitter: "Three step guide to photography: 01: be interesting. 02: find interesting people. 03: find interesting places. Nothing about cameras."
"Three step guide to photography: 01: be interesting. 02: find interesting people. 03: find interesting places. Nothing about cameras."
claytoncubitt  photography  edg  srg  glvo  classideas  howto  cameras  2013 
yesterday by robertogreco
iPhone, DJI & GoPro Accessories
drone  phone  photography 
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