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Fotoschule: ND Filter (Graufilter, Neutraldichtefilter)
Ein Neutraldichtefilter (kurz ND Filter oder auch Graufilter) sollte meiner Meinung nach in keiner Fotoausrüstung fehlen. Mit einem ND Filter lassen sich einzigartige Bild-Effekte wie verwischte Wolken oder eine samtweiche Wasseroberfläche erzielen.
yesterday by fwhamm
Overnight in Walmart Parking Lots: Silence, Solace and Refuge - The New York Times
As night falls, the motels and R.V. parks along America’s highways begin to fill up with travelers needing a place for the night.
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yesterday by koencolpaert
CCamera — take photos that already exist
CCamera is the first camera app that takes images that have already been uploaded to the internet. It brings your photos to the next level — because they’re not yours.
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yesterday by verwinv
Street-Level Photographs Capture the Citizens and Signage of Postwar NYC
Todd Webb didn’t come to photography directly. The Detroit-born Webb first worked as a stockbroker, then the Stock Market Crash of 1929 left his finances in ruin. He prospected for gold in California and Panama, with little success, and spent some time as a fire ranger for the United States Forest Service. Returning to Michigan, he worked for Chrysler. Then World War II broke out, and he was deployed to the South Pacific with the United States Navy.
yesterday by paulgreer
The incredible Canon 50mm f/0.95 - Japan Camera Hunter
"This lens is often called the ‘dream lens’, in fact it has a flickr group dedicated to it by the same name. It has a reputation for producing a dreamlike effect, with ultra creamy bokeh. It is also an absolutely massive lens, with a 72mm filter diameter and weighing in at 605g. That is a hefty hunk of glass.'
canon50mmf0.95  photography 
yesterday by kch

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