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Official website of the revolutionary new predictor of fiery sunrises and
sunsets using real meteorology data.
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19 hours ago by robhawkes
SD Memory Cards Features and Specifications Buyers Guide
7/26/17 - When you go to purchase an SD memory card for your camera, you’re faced with a confusing collection of acronyms and jargon. Here’s a breakdown of what the symbols and terminology mean so you can order the right one for your camera and situation.
Technology  Cameras  Photography 
19 hours ago by mcbakewl
PhotoMag (Marc Rochkind)
PhotoMag: a new app for creating photo magazines | Marc Rochkind's Blog; 2016-Aug-24.
2016  PhotoMag  MarcRochkind  blogs  photography 
22 hours ago by amoore
Tales In Photos
I have been thinking about creating a site for my for a while .. put this together on Sunday.
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yesterday by rickc57
APOD: 2017 July 26 - The Milky Way over Monument Valley
Explanation: You don't have to be at Monument Valley to see the Milky Way arc across the sky like this -- but it helps. Only at Monument Valley USA would you see a picturesque foreground that includes these iconic rock peaks called buttes. Buttes are composed of hard rock left behind after water has eroded away the surrounding soft rock. In the featured image taken a month ago, the closest butte on the left and the butte to its right are known as the Mittens, while Merrick Butte can be seen farther to the right. Green airglow fans up from the horizon. High overhead stretches a band of diffuse light that is the central disk of our spiral Milky Way Galaxy. The band of the Milky Way can be spotted by almost anyone on almost any clear night when far enough from a city and surrounding bright lights, but a sensitive digital camera is needed to capture these colors in a dark night sky.
astronomy  photography  nature  APOD 
yesterday by rgl7194
Capitol Hill Police Forced Journalists to Delete Protest Photos, Reports Say
Capitol Hill police officers in D.C. are being accused of violating the First Amendment after reports emerged that journalists were forced to delete photos and videos of protests at the Senate.
The Daily Dot reports that protesters stood in the hallway outside of the Senate chamber yesterday to voice their opposition to ongoing efforts to kill the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.
In response to loud shouts of “kill the bill, don’t kill us!” and “shame!” directed at lawmakers, the sergeant at arms present made the decision to “restore order in the chamber.” Protesters were then handcuffed and removed from the hallway, and reporters standing were instructed to not take any photos and to delete anything they’ve already captured.
police  gov2.0  photography  politics  legal  news 
yesterday by rgl7194
Insects Unlocked - Entomology for Everyone
"Insects Unlocked is a public domain project from The University of Texas at Austin’s Insect Collection. In 2015, our team of student and community volunteers crowd-funded a campaign to create thousands of open, copyright-free images. From more than 200 small contributions, we built an insect photography field kit and photo studio. This website holds discussions of the small animals we encounter, updates from the project, and other entomological miscellanea.

To view our galleries, visit Insects Unlocked on flickr. [ ]"

[via: "The Entomologist Giving Bugs Their Close Up" ]
insects  biology  classideas  science  photography  nature  via:subtopes 
yesterday by robertogreco
J.L. Fisher - Motion Picture and Television Equipment
J.L. Fisher - Motion Picture and Television Equipment CLICK HERE FOR PRODUCT BROCHURES See us at IBC2017 ~ Booth 12:C40 September 15-19 RAI, Amsterdam
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