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Sempre ens quedarà París...
Torre Eiffel.
by ©️PepEscoda
Photography  Paris  from twitter_favs
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images  photography  image  ai  enhancement  tool  tools  photo  enhance  upscale  2020 
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Russ Meyer | feature 12
Die trashige Radikalität seiner Filme weicht für den Moment einer liebevollen Bewunderung in Augenhöhe.
2006  RussMeyer  UweJHaack  photography  exhibition  film  cinema  pinup  VanHorn  Duesseldorf  shortlist 
21 hours ago by shortlist_cxc
László Moholy-Nagy | feature 10
Color in Transparency
Fotografische Experimente in Farbe 1934-1946
2006  LaszloMoholyNagy  UweJHaack  Steidl  shortlist  photography  exhibition  books  Berlin  Bauhaus 
22 hours ago by shortlist_cxc
The Canary Project | feature 8
The Canary Project dokumentiert die Anzeichen der globalen Erwärmung und das Potential der damit verbundenen Zerstörung.
2006  SusannahSayler  EdwardMorris  UweJHaack  ClimateChange  photography  shortlist  UNESCO 
22 hours ago by shortlist_cxc
Bettina Rheims | feature 6
ist seit Anfang der 80er Jahre eine der international gefragtesten Fotografinnen der Gegenwart.
2006  BettinaRheims  UweJHaack  photography  books  exhibition  MOCA  SchirmerMosel  shortlist 
22 hours ago by shortlist_cxc
Tschernobyl 20 | feature 4
Ein Jahrestag zwischen Dosimeter-Tourismus und gepfropftem Kunsthandwerk
2006  Chernobyl  UweJHaack  nuclear  EU  shortlist  TV  DDR  photography 
22 hours ago by shortlist_cxc
Alice Gregory, "How Dorothea Lange Defined the Role of the Modern Photojournalist," The New York Times
"If Lange is remembered disproportionately for one photograph out of thousands, she is also remembered disproportionately for pictures in a career that also very much included words. After photographing her subjects, she rushed to take down what they said to use as a caption or a title, and then selected choice quotes, with an ear for the poetry of vernacular language."

"Looking at Lange’s career today, it’s possible to see that her photographic innovations were less visual and technical than they were interpersonal. She spoke while taking people’s pictures. Before asking them any questions at all, she talked about herself. She explained where she was from and her job as she understood it to be; she spoke of her children and of how much she missed them while on assignment. By revealing herself, subjects showed themselves to her in return. More than perhaps any other photographer’s work, Lange’s was less about bearing witness to history than it was about engaging directly with it, of being part of history itself."

"She was an artist under the guise of a journalist and an activist under the guise of a dispassionate civil servant, and it would be impossible to think of any of these roles today without her influence."

"Lange’s attention to texture and detail make individual human subjects look like evidence of a national crime."

"What does Lange’s career look like in 2020? It’s clear she was an anomaly from the start, an evident female star in a field dominated by men, a photographer whose work was both funded by the federal government and embraced by the contemporary art world of her day. She produced evidence of the worst moments in this country’s history: the migration of the sick and starved across the country during the Depression, the cruel folly of Japanese internment and the moral disaster of segregation. (In 1941, her photographs of black farmers in the South would accompany Richard Wright’s prose in the book “12 Million Black Voices.”) But it was in looking at these grim, often ignored corners of life that Lange found figures of resilience, dignity and unlikely survival. Her legacy combines two fields — art and journalism — whose entirely separate constraints and ethics can still, at their best, change the world."
AliceGregory  DorotheaLange  photography  NYT  2020  2020-02  ExhibitionReview  MOMA  documentary 
23 hours ago by briansholis
Arthur Lubow, "Empathy and Artistry: Rediscovering Dorothea Lange," The New York Times
"… the curatorial theme: Lange’s pictures require verbal commentary to be read legibly.

Curiously, though, the strength of Lange’s photographs at MoMA undercuts the exhibition’s concept. With or without the support of words, Dorothea Lange (1895-1965), created some of the greatest images of the unsung struggles and overlooked realities of American life."

"Seeking a deeper understanding of the economic crisis, Lange and her collaborators in the field interviewed her subjects, and she incorporated their words into her captions. She was the first photographer to do that systematically."

"The fame of “Migrant Mother” has cropped Lange’s reputation unfairly. She is a key link in a chain of photographic history. From Evans, she learned how to frame precise images of clapboard churches. But unlike Evans, who usually preferred to keep a distance and capture a building’s architectural integrity, Lange always wanted, as she said when describing how she made “Migrant Mother,” to move “closer and closer.” Her 1938 photograph, “Death in the Doorway, ” of a church entrance in the San Joaquin Valley reveals a blanketed corpse that someone, probably unable to afford a burial, has deposited. Evans would never have gone there.

In turn, Lange was revered by the documentary photographers who followed her. The greatest of them, Robert Frank, paid her direct homage in “The Americans,” shooting from the same vantage point the New Mexico highway that Lange had memorialized in “An American Exodus.”"
ArthurLubow  DorotheaLange  NYT  2020  2020-02  photography  ExhibitionReview  MOMA  documentary 
23 hours ago by briansholis
Biodiversity Heritage Library’s albums | Flickr
Biodiversity Heritage Library

All photos are now public domain
biology  art  photography  nature  publicdomain 
yesterday by javajunky
Announcing the winners of our 2019 Your Best Shot Contest | Flickr Blog
We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our Your Best Shot 2019 contest and helped make it a success! This year, over 17,000 photos were submitted and participation more than doubled.
yesterday by andyhuey

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