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Pere Borrell del Caso - Wikipedia
Painter whose works include 'Escaping Criticism’ (1874) – a trompe l’oeil painting of a boy climbing out of a picture frame.

The painting itself is here:

A precursor to Magritte?
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90103c1e9bfe20759b9429b49138d385_hd.jpg 2,000×1,333 pixels
Stephen McLaren photographer.

Photograph of England football fan passed out on Holocaust Memorial, Liverpool Street Station.

I had to view source to link to this image. The link to the enclosing album is:
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Adrian Flowers obituary | Art and design | The Guardian
An Adrian Flowers image from his series of famous Benson and Hedges advertisements in the 1970s.

Grand Hotel.

Hotel corridor with light coming in through an open door. The light is a projection of a gold Benson and Hedges cigarette packet.
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The Online Photographer: Upcoming Print Sale Plans
Chester Williams – The Goodbye Kiss.

Concrete wall pareidolia.
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