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The next generation: five leading photographers pick the hottest new talent
Katie Bret Day
Mayank Austen Soofi
Nathaniel Grann
Phoebe Kiely
Hayahisa Tomiyasu
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8 days ago by pgslr
It's Nice That | Peter Mitchell’s photographs of Leeds from 1979 published for the first time
Photograph of shopkeepers (T.B. Hudson?) standing in the doorway of their newsagents (‘Read the News of the World’), the surviving white-painted end of a demolished terrace. Gloomy brick Methodist church next door.

Peter Mitchell, Leeds, 1979.

This photograph was also used as the cover for music compilation album 'Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs Present English Weather’.
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12 days ago by metaproof
Elizabeth Weinberg | Photographer and Director
Elizabeth Weinberg is a photographer and director based in Los Angeles, specializing in storytelling that fuses a loose approach with measured precision for the moment. Her work is informed by her photojournalism education and is documentary at its core. Her motion work focuses on the female experience with a mix of nostalgia, humor, and evocation of a collective memory. She is especially interested in creating worlds that exist without the imposition of modern technology, to focus solely on human interaction. She is renowned for her celebrity portraits and lifestyle imagery, shooting in a relaxed, no-frills manner that brings out the shared humanity in all of her subjects.

Elizabeth has been recognized with awards and features from PDN's 30 Photographers to Watch, the Art Directors Club's Young Guns, American Photography, and Communication Arts.

Her skills in imaging post-production set her apart. She believes that the finessing of color, saturation, and grain is just as important to a still or moving piece as its content. She loves to be hands-on in applying her signature color style to best convey a story's particular mood.
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18 days ago by jordaniusrex
Sophy Rickett
Nice set of black and white series. A provocative one from the 90s called Pissing Women with women urinating in the streets.
22 days ago by rrees
Approaching Luigi Ghirri | Conscientious Photography Magazine
Jörg Colberg is very much in favour of Luigi Ghirri – ‘The Map and the Territory’
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5 weeks ago by metaproof
Luigi Ghirri - Wikipedia
“Luigi Ghirri (5 January 1943 – 14 February 1992) was an Italian artist and photographer[1][2] who gained a far-reaching reputation as a pioneer and master of contemporary photography, with particular reference to its relationship between fiction and reality.”

Note the last clause: “with particular reference to its relationship between fiction and reality.”

Is that true? Interesting.
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5 weeks ago by metaproof

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