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Viure a és una altre manera de viure, el de despertar dels sentits!

📷 ©️PepE…
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10 days ago by deckard67
Storm Front
Last night's arrived just prior to sunset, to allow me to get out and - b…
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18 days ago by tswicegood
Where Theory Meets Chalk, Dust Flies
"The title of Ms. Wynne’s book comes from the message often left on blackboards for the cleaners who might come in after hours and wipe away the artifacts of genius: 'Do not erase.' It happens. In a recent article in Nautilus, the writer and M.I.T. physicist Alan Lightman recalled an occasion at Caltech in the early 1970s when Richard Feynman worked out an equation on Lightman’s blackboard that described how black holes could emit heat and radiation, in contravention to everything that physicists then thought. Dr. Lightman returned the next morning to copy down the equations, but the board had been wiped clean. A year later, Stephen Hawking worked out a similar calculation, which made him famous."
a:Jessica-Wayne  a:Dennis-Overbye  p:The-New-York-Times/Science★  d:2019.09.23  w:1000  photograph  math  from instapaper
23 days ago by bankbryan
The Daily Miracle: Finding Magic Inside The Times’s Printing Plant
"Inevitably, news breaks during a press run. If it’s significant enough, the newsroom calls to 'Stop the presses!' This happened after the recent tornadoes in Alabama, when Osama bin Laden was killed and during the 2016 election. Often the issues already printed aren’t scrapped, but the rest of the night’s run is dedicated to the updated version."
a:Christopher-Payne  a:Luc-Sante  p:The-New-York-Times/Magazine★★  d:2019.03.26  w:2000  photograph  newspapers  manufacturing  process  NYC  from twitter
6 weeks ago by bankbryan
Trump’s Horrific Photo with El Paso Victim Paul Anchondo
Posing for this photograph, the Trumps remove any last doubt about their dead-eyed cruelty and transactional view of life. Smiling emptily above this wounded little boy, whose life was shattered before he could take his first step, the president and his wife call to mind those famous safari photos taken by Trump’s sons, Eric and Don Jr. — in which they, like their father, smile brightly over the victims of their own heedless cruelty and violence. To Donald Trump, this baby is little more than a hunting trophy in his own brutal race war (which explains his triumphant thumbs up).
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9 weeks ago by edmittance
Download legacy versions of Creative Cloud apps
Note: Need help downloading the newest version of an app? Learn how to download and install Creative Cloud apps with these helpful instructions. 2017 apps…
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july 2019 by asaltydog
Last Chance to Buy Lightroom 6! | Laura Shoe's Lightroom Training Tutorials and Tips
Lightroom 6 was the last perpetual version of Lightroom offered before Adobe went subscription-only with Lightroom Classic CC. Up until recently Adobe continued…
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july 2019 by asaltydog
How to Buy Lightroom? | Price, Guide and Options in 2019
Related course: Effortless Editing with Lightroom Adobe Lightroom is a great piece of software for editing your images. It isn’t free, but you no longer buy…
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july 2019 by asaltydog

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