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Phone Remote - Control Cisco IP phones remotely from anywhere with network connectivity
Phone Remote is a useful tool for troubleshooting problems with Cisco phones. Used by Mark Eastwood at Boral and Meridian Brick.
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6 days ago by kaavik
Get Started | Weex
vue.js javascript-based mobile-native app development platform
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6 days ago by tswaterman
Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? - The Atlantic
I call them iGen.

Psychologically, however, they are more vulnerable than Millennials were: Rates of teen depression and suicide have skyrocketed since 2011. It’s not an exaggeration to describe iGen as being on the brink of the worst mental-health crisis in decades. Much of this deterioration can be traced to their phones.

Teens who spend more time than average on screen activities are more likely to be unhappy, and those who spend more time than average on nonscreen activities are more likely to be happy.

There’s not a single exception. All screen activities are linked to less happiness, and all nonscreen activities are linked to more happiness.
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6 days ago by oati
Talkase T3, an ultrathin 3G mobile phone plus WiFi hotspot host, the slimmest and lightest mobile phone.
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6 days ago by snivitz
MP01 dumb phone | Punkt. Mobile Phone by Jasper Morrison
Say it with words. Focus on what matters most and leave the rest. The MP01 is the dumb phone designed by Jasper Morrison for smart communicators. Shop now!
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6 days ago by snivitz

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