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Supported Devices - NextRadio
nextradio app list of supported phones for fm radio.
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2 days ago by piperh
AR Measure™: augmented reality tape measure app
AR Measure™ turns your phone into a ruler you can use anytime, anywhere. Just point your phone and click a point to measure almost anything. The app uses the power of Augmented Reality to measure the distance between points in 3D space. So you can measure things like furniture, doors, plates, desks, carpets, paintings, chairs, etc etc etc.
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2 days ago by cyberchucktx
Is the phone in your pocket really a ? "Introducing the Teledo" by —…
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4 days ago by phonemedic
FCC intends to fine man $120 million for making over 96 million robocalls / Boing Boing
Federal Communications Commission officials say Adrian Abramovich of Florida made as many as a million illegal telemarketing calls a day
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4 days ago by Quercki

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