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`:live_reload` - configuration for the live reload option.
Configuration requires a `:patterns` option which should be a list of
file patterns to watch. When these files change, it will trigger a reload.
If you are using a tool like [pow]( in development,
you may need to set the `:url` option appropriately.
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8 days ago by neomindryan
milligram/milligram: A minimalist CSS framework.
A minimalist CSS framework. Contribute to milligram/milligram development by creating an account on GitHub.
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12 days ago by HusseinMorsy
dwyl/learn-phoenix-framework: Phoenix is the web framework without compromise on speed, reliability or maintainability! Don't settle for less.
:fire: Phoenix is the web framework without compromise on speed, reliability or maintainability! Don't settle for less. :rocket: - dwyl/learn-phoenix-framework
elixir  phoenix  tutorial  learning 
18 days ago by jschoolcraft

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