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highmeh/lure: Lure - User Recon Automation for GoPhish
Lure - User Recon Automation for GoPhish. Contribute to highmeh/lure development by creating an account on GitHub.
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18 days ago by endorama
bellingcat - Guccifer Rising? Months-Long Phishing Campaign on ProtonMail Targets Dozens of Russia-Focused Journalists and NGOs - bellingcat
A sophisticated phishing campaign targeting Bellingcat and other Russia-focused journalists has been much larger in scope than previously thought, and has lasted at least several months. Bellingcat has identified dozens of targeted individuals across Europe and the US, with the earliest reported attack dating back to April 24 2019, and some evidence suggesting the campaign was in the works since as early as March 2018.
phishing  Security  bellingcat  russia 
5 weeks ago by paulbradshaw

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