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How a 40-year-old offline retailer stepped into ecommerce
Philippine-based CMG Retail’s transformation couldn’t have been more well-timed.
philippines  ecommerce 
14 days ago by JINYONG86
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A bamboo classroom prototype designed to resist strong winds in the eastern coast of Luzon, Phillippines
philippines  bambooarchitecture 
23 days ago by Jake_EmEM
A Brief History of Martial Law / Gregorio Brillantes / Esquire PH
An account of Marcos-era martial law from one of the Philippines' best writers
philippines  history  politics  writing 
27 days ago by wyclif
Hunter Stires on Twitter: "Destroyed in the fires of Cavite was the bulk of the Asiatic Fleet's torpedo stores--the main weapon with which its submarines hoped to repel the Japanese amphibious expeditions underway for Luzon. This loss proved a handicap fo
Interesting thought: the air-and-subs plan was very similar to the eventual plan for Malaya. neither were executed (from the UK side, because the forces were tied up fighting Germany and Italy, from the US side, because Dugout Doug dropped the ball). but submarines were effective!
singapore  malaya  philippines  ww2  submarines  macarthur 
4 weeks ago by yorksranter
Chemistry lab accident injures four LS students
FOUR Loyola Schools (LS) students were injured after an accident involving a distillation experiment occurred at 10:48 AM earlier today during a CH 22.2: Survey of Organic Chemistry laboratory class at SEC-C 207.

Among the victims of the accident, three sustained minor injuries while one was severely injured and was transferred from the LS Health Services Clinic to a hospital.

In an interview with The GUIDON, Ace*, a student who witnessed the incident in her class, said that one of her classmates’ experimental set-up exploded as he was boiling a solution of unpurified isopropanol.

Ace said that the glass shards that flew out of the explosion severely injured the student and gave two others minor scratches and abrasions. Meanwhile, one shard of glass was embedded in a fourth student’s cheek.

“[The sample provided to the students] had a mixture of the solution we’re trying to find and the dye, and we’re supposed to obtain the purest form of it. So that’s why we needed to heat it a couple of times,” Ace explained.

According to Ace, “[the explosion] could be [due to] the possibility of a strong flame, the lack of boiling chips which could cause the unstable heating, or heating to dryness which could cause pressure too high for the apparatus to handle.”
Philippines  laboratory  explosion  injury  propanol 
5 weeks ago by dchas
My Family's Slave - A Story of Slavery in Modern America - The Atlantic
"She lived with us for 56 years. She raised me and my siblings without pay. I was 11, a typical American kid, before I realized who she was."
immigration  slavery  philippines 
6 weeks ago by PeterErwin

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