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'Put that down, cancel that': the Guardian tracks Philip Green to Monaco | Business | The Guardian
Philip Green
another big employer with a nearly a billion-pound pension deficit, which might mean the gov had to bail the scheme out. - Philip Green's retail rescue plan at risk over pension scheme

24hrs later - 60 stores close incl USA, less pension contribution, less pension payout, lowered rents for existing stores, still to be agreed.
- restructuring
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Pro Anima Dilecti Sui - Nary - Lion in Winter (1968) [Archive of Our Own]
If this was all his triumph would cost, Geoffrey was more than willing to pay Philip's price.
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january 2019 by salinea
Philip Guo - JavaScript Language Fundamentals
uploaded a set of videos on basic JavaScript for people w/ some prior programming experience:

Summary: 12 video lectures introducing the fundamentals of JavaScript using the ES6 version of the language and inspired by style guides from Google and Airbnb
javascript  basics  philip  guo  wpd 
august 2018 by gdw
Philip Glass: The Complete Piano Etudes: Philip Glass: 0888680073138: Books
I liked a song from his Time Curve: Music for Piano. I'm going to listen to more of his music and see if I want to purchase this.
philip  sheet-music  music  piano  amazon  etudes 
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