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Professor Wilcox: How Can Sanctuary Policies be Justified?
PHILOSOPHY TALK (SAN FRANCISCO) -- In the U.S. there are more than 500 sanctuary cities — municipalities that limit their cooperation with the federal government’s immigration law enforcement. Although opponents portray sanctuary cities as besieged by crime, empirical data does not bear out such claims. But what actually justifies sanctuary policies in the first place? Do appeals to public health or safety warrant these measures? Or should lack of cooperation be seen as an act of resistance against unjust federal policies? And how should local municipalities respond to claims that they lack the authority to impede federal immigration enforcement?

Josh and Ken find sanctuary with Shelley Wilcox from San Francisco State University, author of “How Can Sanctuary Policies be Justified?”

“When we’re talking about people who are integrated into the community, I don’t think citizenship status is a morally relevant, legitimate way to distinguish who gets more and who gets less,” said Wilcox, a professor of Philosophy. “I think the fact that I live here, that this is my community, that I contribute to it and so on — I think that’s the thing that gives me a right.”
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William Shatner gets into Twitter feud with millennials calling him a boomer: 'That’s a compliment for me' | Fox News
“And the meek shall inherit... is that all your generation does is point fingers and blame others for their pity parties? You don’t get a participation trophy for life; you take what you get and play your best hand. It’s been that way since forever,” he tweeted.
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The New York Times: What I Learned When I Stabbed Myself 52 Times
You come to a fork in the road, and you choose between wallowing in self-pity and taking a good, hard look around you. I took the look and, with my Cyclops vision, saw how many of the people in my orbit were struggling, how many were bumping up against limits more daunting than mine, how many summoned a grace that gave me something to aspire to, something to emulate. This wasn’t as clear to me before, and I found myself thinking less about blindness in my future and more about the blindness in my past.
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16 days ago by dpb
America’s current political moment might be so bad that it becomes good - The Washington Post
All demagogues begin by rejecting Samuel Johnson’s wisdom: “How small, of all that human hearts endure, that part which laws or kings can cause or cure.”
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Phil on what makes a good reporter.
I think all journalists and particularly all reporters ought to have, is two basic traits -- one is an abiding curiosity, like really, almost an obsessive curiosity, and the other is an open mind. There's a tendency in journalism to want to make things black and white -- this person's a bad guy, this person's a good guy. It just makes for more of a great Walt Disney tale, but life is not like that and people are not like that. And I think that's a valuable piece of information to have absorbed.
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Professor Tiwald to Give Lecture on 'Moral Expertise: Confucian Philosophers on Deference and Deliberative Autonomy'
KENT COUNTY NEWS (CHESTERTOWN, MARYLAND) -- As chairman of the Department of Philosophy at San Francisco State University, Tiwald works on Chinese philosophy broadly construed, but has largely focused on Confucian, Daoist and neo-Confucian accounts of moral psychology, well-being and political authority, as well as the significance of Confucian views for virtue ethics, moral epistemology and individual and human rights.

He is the editor of, among others, “Oxford Handbook of Chinese Philosophy” (Oxford University Press, 2019), and is the author, with Stephen C. Angle, of “Neo-Confucianism: A Philosophical Introduction” (Polity, 2017).
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SF State Named 42nd Most Affordable School for Philosophy Graduate Degree
GREAT VALUE COLLEGES -- Do you enjoy pondering life’s big questions? Do you approach an existential problem with the enthusiasm of a kid with a Rubik’s cube? Then, a master’s degree in philosophy may just provide you with the intellectual stimulation you crave. In this ranking, we explore the top 50 master’s in philosophy programs currently accepting applications.

Student to Faculty Ratio: 23:1

Graduate Enrollment: 3,247

Points: 8

The master’s in Philosophy program from San Francisco State University is open to students with undergraduate degrees in philosophy as well as from related fields. Course titles associated with the degree include Contemporary Moral/Political Issues, Ancient Philosophy, Great Thinkers: East and West and Introduction to Global Peace Studies, for instance. Graduates of the program are well prepared for careers in community college teaching or for further study in a doctoral program. San Francisco State is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission to award this philosophy master’s degree. The school has been placed among the leading national universities in the United States by U.S. News and World Report.

Net Price: $14,964
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Professor Ásta Signs Open Letter Calling for Action Against Sexual Harassment in Philosophy
DAILY NOUS -- The #MeToo movement has raised awareness of both the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and assault and their debilitating impact on victims. Addressing the problem in academia, however, raises special challenges. Tenure can afford perpetrators strong protections. And even where universities are in a position to act against one of its own employees, they are relatively powerless to act against those who harass on their campus, but work elsewhere. Moreover, professional standing and power, together with the very real threat of retaliation, give victims and witnesses strong incentives to keep silent, as well as perpetrators’ friends and colleagues incentives to protect and support them. Nonetheless, there are actions that individuals and departments can take to help protect victims and potential victims from bearing the full and very significant cost of harassment and assault.

Original signatories include:
Ásta, professor, San Francisco State University
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