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RT : An amazing opportunity: fully funded , to work on visualizing information, working…
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Gifted kids turn 50: Most successful followed heart, not just head | Vanderbilt News | Vanderbilt University
New findings from an ongoing 45-year Vanderbilt study reveal that patterns found in test scores and a psychological assessment measuring the personal values of nearly 700 intellectually gifted adolescents were highly predictive of the distinct fields of eminence they would occupy by age 50.

The results, published in Psychological Science, indicate that parents should be just as aware of their child’s unique values and passions as their intellectual gifts.
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PhD thesis writing
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record – LABS
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How to write a , or , find a research problem, critically assess the literature, design a…
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How to write a , or , find a research problem, critically assess the literature, design a…
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Classics in the History of Psychology -- Janet (1930)
The editor of this collection had a very unique idea when he asked psychologists to write their own intellectual histories and criticisms, to transform themselves into philosophical historians, and treat themselves as though they had been dead for a long time. This hardly seems right since we are too active and too close to our own work to judge it with independence and to understand the influences which have unknowingly drawn us in certain directions. I have always protested against subjective psychology, and here I am asked for a most personal and subjective psychological analysis. It will necessarily be very poor, and the historians of the future, if by chance they should concern themselves with me, will find this autobiography very ridiculous. I beg to be excused in advance and I blame the initiators of this Project and their powers of seduction.
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Guided Imagery and Music with Military Women and Trauma: A Continuum Approach to Music and Healing
The feasibility study helped to refine the protocol for a proposed Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT). For the purpose of improving therapy fidelity in the clinical trial, a therapy manual was created that used a MI/GIM Continuum Model for working with clients who have experienced trauma. The manual details a flexible protocol for adapting the MI and/or GIM method to three different working levels: resource-oriented, issue-oriented and transformation-oriented. The levels are meant to support the various stages of trauma work, beginning with the strengthening of trust and inner-resources before progressing to issues related to trauma and its symptoms, and finally exploring the re-integration of a new sense of self into society.
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PhD Thesis by Susan Hart: Psychometric Properties of the Emotional Development Scale
The empirical study together with the preliminary ad hoc sample from Hogrefe Ltd. found that the EDS-P is a consistent, reliable and valid measure of 4–12-year-olds’ emotional development. The internal consistency between the two scales, the EDS-P and the EDS-A, showed that the scales cannot be merged into one scale, and the validity study showed that it is uncertain what the EDS-A measures. The concurrent validity of both the two scales, the EDS-P and EDS-A, demonstrated the measurement tool’s ability to distinguish between age groups and referred/non-referred groups, and the predictive validity of the progression showed promising results on the EDS-P. In the study of construct validity, the results indicated a connection between the child’s emotional development, the parent’s mentalizing capacity and the parent-child interaction, although the results were not as straightforward as expected.
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Ph.d.-afhandling ved Sine Maria Herholdt-Lomholdt: Skønne øjeblikke i sygepleje
Denne afhandling undersøger, hvad der kendetegner særligt fine eller skønne situationer i mødet mellem sygeplejerske og patient. Det er situationer, der fremstår betydnings- og meningsfyldte. I afhandlingen undersøger Sine Maria Herholdt-Lomholdt også, om man indenfor sygeplejeprofessionen kan arbejde med faglig udvikling- og innovation, der fremmer muligheden for at handle ud fra, hvad der er meningsfyldt.
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