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Database (E)state
This website documents thinking, writing and making that explores the role of local authority housing databases in urban regenerations schemes. It specifically shares experiences from the Save Cressingham Gardens Estate activist campaign which has fought Lambeth Council’s plans for demolition since 2012 [more….]
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Atomic Size Matters — Atomic Comics
Ce livre est intéressent pour mieux comprendre comment expliquer un concept difficile d'une façon simple.
Atomic Size Matters is a comic book that explains one way scientists are trying to understand the complexity sometimes found in crystalline compounds.
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3 days ago by vitaminCPP
Hannah Lash, composer
Lash obtained her Ph.D in Composition from Harvard University in 2010. She has held teaching positions at Harvard University (Teaching Fellow), at Alfred University (Guest Professor of Composition), and currently serves on the composition faculty at Yale University School of Music.
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What do you wish your handbook had included that it didn’t? I’m helping to edit a handbook for our new doctora…
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Three-minute thesis contest challenges PhD students to cut to the chase | Hub
The aim isn't to water down the research, organizers say, but to command immediate interest in it—in tight, compelling fashion, light on the academic jargon. The challenges give PhD students, often immersed in their specialities, a rare chance to share and promote their work with a wider audience.
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