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Turning Criminal Forum Exploit Chatter Into Vulnerability Risk Analysis
High-fidelity alerting across languages and summarization of unstructured text on the web makes vulnerability management teams faster and more efficient.
2 hours ago by carlosviansi
CVE Vulnerabilities: How Your Dataset Influences Statistics | OSVDB
Readers may recall that I blogged about a similar topic just over a month ago, in an article titled Advisories != Vulnerabilities, and How It Affects Statistics. In this installment, instead of "advisories", we have "CVEs" and the inherent problems when using CVE identifiers in the place of "vulnerabilities". Doing so is technically inaccurate, and…
3 hours ago by carlosviansi
Assessment of Vulnerability Severity using Text Mining | Request PDF
Request (PDF) | Assessment of Vulner... | Software1 vulnerabilities are closely associated with information systems security, a major and critical field in today's technology. Vulnerabilities constitute a constant and increasing threat for various aspects of everyday life, especially for safety and economy, since the social impact from the...
7 hours ago by carlosviansi
Predicting Vulnerable Components via Text Mining or Software Metrics? An... | Request PDF
Predicting Vulnerable Components via Text Mining or Software Metrics? An Effort-Aware Perspective
7 hours ago by carlosviansi
PhD dinner and conferral ceremony
It is your choice whether to organize a PhD dinner. The cost of a PhD dinner must be met by you, however part of the cost is tax deductible.
PhD  UiO 
yesterday by NorwegianRockCat
Thesis requirements
The thesis shall be an independent, scientific work that meets international standards with regard to ethical requirements, academic level and method.
PhD  UiO 
yesterday by NorwegianRockCat
How to write a , what examiners & supervisors expect + viva questions & content checklists…
PhD  from twitter_favs
2 days ago by cdrago
Of Note: 14 February 2018 | Nashville Post
Vanderbilt University professors Camilla Benbow and David Lubinski have been selected to receive The International Society for Intelligence Research’s 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Intelligence.
vanderbilt  peabody  phd  benbow  lubinski  smpy  isir  awards 
3 days ago by kbrobeck

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