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That Looks Oddly Familiar — Jan Stępień
Perceptual hashing is a fascinating technique of summarising media files. It has little in common with cryptographic hashes such as SHA1. Two input files which look similar will end up having different cryptographic yet similar perceptual hashes. And by similar, we mean having most bits set the same way.

In this talk we'll combine pHash and a BK-tree to efficiently search through metric spaces of perceptual hashes. We will use Rust to implement a simple command line tool. It will ...
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23 days ago by badboy
dermotte/LIRE: Open source library for content based image retrieval / visual information retrieval.
LIRE - Open source library for content based image retrieval / visual information retrieval.
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february 2017 by peterb
MatchEngine: the world's best private search by image API.
MatchEngine works with your own image collection and finds duplicate, resized and modified images. Powered by TinEye's unparalleled image recognition, MatchEngine is engineered to deal with a broad range of image transformations, including resizing, cropping, edits, occlusions and color changes, amongst others.
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february 2017 by peterb
How-to automatically identify similar images using pHash | Cloudinary Blog
Identifying similar images with pHash, to better organize your site’s content.
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november 2016 by peterb
Phashion is a Ruby wrapper around the pHash library, "perceptual hash", which detects duplicate and near duplicate multimedia files (images, audio, video). The wrapper currently only supports images.
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january 2014 by guillehorno

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