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At first, we bootstrapped Bloc, the graphical stack behind , inside the Morphic world. Now, it’s ti…
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9 days ago by briantrice
RT : 📚We started a glossary page with the aim to define / - specific vocabulary […
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6 weeks ago by briantrice
RT : On the way to enhance Git history browsing on Pharo IDE. Just first steps!
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8 weeks ago by briantrice
We reshape the Development eXperience
pharo  smalltalk  agile  development  team  consulting  company 
10 weeks ago by orlin
Glamorous Toolkit
The Glamorous Toolkit is the moldable development environment. For Pharo
mt  tooled  ide  programming  pharo  smalltalk  inspiration  future 
10 weeks ago by orlin
Moose is a platform for software and data analysis
mt  tooled  pharo  smalltalk  data  analysis  visualization  opensource  platform  oop 
10 weeks ago by orlin

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