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“Behave More Sexually:” How Big Pharma Used Strippers, Guns, and Cash to Push Opioids – Mother Jones
Around 2015, just before overdoses sweeping the country started making national news, a pharmaceutical sales representative in New Jersey faced a dilemma: She wanted to increase her sales but worried that the opioid painkiller she was selling was addictive and dangerous. The medication was called Subsys, and its key ingredient, fentanyl, is a synthetic opioid 100 times stronger than morphine.

When the rep, who requested to go by her initials, M.S., voiced her concerns to her manager, she was told that Subsys patients were “already addicts and their prospects were therefore essentially rock-bottom,” according to a recently unsealed whistleblower lawsuit that M.S. filed after leaving Insys in 2016. To boost her numbers, the manager allegedly advised M.S. to “behave more sexually toward pain-management physicians, to stroke their hands while literally begging for prescriptions,” and to ask for the prescriptions as a “favor.”
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Biopharma Can't Keep Getting Blindsided by Trump - Bloomberg Gadfly
This dream was a fiction. An early clue was a Time magazine interview in December, when Trump pledged to bring down drug prices, a warning that took 3 percent off the NBI. Then, in a press conference on Wednesday, Trump accused the industry of "getting away with murder" and pledged to save billions of dollars in government health-care spending by forcing companies to bid for business. That caused the NBI to immediately drop another 3 percent.
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paulconley: Buying a blog. Validating a concept
"Canon Communications has purchased Pharmalot, the extraordinary little blog that has proven an inspiration to numerous standalone journalists. "
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BeatBlogging.Org: Podcast: Silverman on lessons learned from Pharmalot
"Ed Silverman, one of the original and best beat bloggers, is leaving The Star-Ledger and Pharmalot. Silverman discussed both lessons he learned from Pharmalot and the reasons why he decided to move on in this week’s podcast. ..."
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