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(882) 6 Miles: Life and Death - YouTube
*** Sanders Campaign video, 3:40. Sanders in Canada with American families buying insulin at 1/12 the cost.
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12 days ago by Marcellus
Maybe Your Zoloft Stopped Working Because A Liver Fluke Tried To Turn Your Nth-Great-Grandmother Into A Zombie
"Del Giudice wonders if parasite-host arms races created pressure for increased human variability. SSRIs will make some people less depressed. But some people will get more depressed. A few will even get suicidal. A very few will flip out and become psychotic, or improve much more quickly than the textbooks say should be possible and feel completely reborn on day 3, or have something else even weirder happen. I always assumed God just hated psychiatrists and wanted them to be miserable. But another possibility is that extreme individual variability in neurosignaling pathways is a defense against parasite manipulation. If the effects of serotonin are unpredictable for any individual, no parasite species can devise a universally valid mechanism for controlling its hosts."
a:Scott-Alexander★★★  p:Slate-Star-Codex★★★  d:2019.08.19  w:2500  animals  microbiome  evolution  biology  pharmaceuticals  from instapaper
18 days ago by bankbryan
CVS transforms 13 Philadelphia-area pharmacies into HealthHUBs - Philadelphia Business Journal
The CVS HealthHUB is more than just a rebrand, 13 pilot stores have 15-20% of retail space covering many services incl. smart device coaching, wellness apps education, wellness rooms, ...
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24 days ago by cera
New York-based Medly Pharmacy enters Philadelphia market - Philadelphia Business Journal
Greycroft-backed digital pharmacy projects $120M in revenue and coming to Philly: Medly Pharmacy
healthcare  pharmaceuticals  awl  delivery  startups  autopost  autopostli 
25 days ago by cera
Galega officinalis - Wikipedia
Plant that was the origin of metformin. Also called "goat's rue."
diabetes  drugs  pharmaceuticals  medicine  metformin  history  botany  wikipedia 
5 weeks ago by ignatz
How Scientists Built a ‘Living Drug’ to Beat Cancer
"In theory, you could attach other guidance systems as well or other cancer-killing payloads or continue to refine and customize and soup up ad infinitum, an evolving design guided by both imagination and biology. CAR-T is really a gateway technology, and there’s no reason to imagine that those of the near future will bear any more resemblance to these first designs than a Tesla Model X does to a Ford Model T. Customizable variations, collaboration, and creative combinations are a logical response to a this confounding disease; a mutating answer to a mutating problem. What’s clear is that as we increasingly come to understand how complex and personal both our cancers and our immune systems truly are, what we now think of as 'personalized' medicine will one day just be called medicine."
a:Charles-Graeber  p:Wired/Backchannel  d:2019.07.25  w:6500  medicine  pharmaceuticals  regulation  from instapaper
5 weeks ago by bankbryan
Gali Health
A “friend for your IBD journey,” Gali is an assistant for IBD patients, even allowing for you to self-report health and lifestyle info to monitor and track your symptoms.
healthcare  pharmaceuticals  Innovation 
6 weeks ago by timcallington
China to Cut Tariffs on Range of Goods Amid Push for Trade Deal - WSJ
Beijing will lower import tariffs for frozen pork, pharmaceuticals and some high-tech components starting from Jan. 1
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8 weeks ago by areadevelopment
Express Scripts’ new formulary offers critical support for digital health startups - MedCity News
The PBM selected 15 programs to offer on its first digital health formulary, starting in January 2020.
awl  healthcare  payers  pharmaceuticals 
8 weeks ago by cera
Merck cyberattack’s $1.3 billion question: Was it an act of war?
By the time Deb Dellapena arrived for work at Merck & Co.’s 90-acre campus north of Philadelphia, there was a handwritten sign on the door: The computers are down. It was worse than it seemed.
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8 weeks ago by xer0x

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