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(14639) The Virus That Kills Drug-Resistant Superbugs - YouTube
can't patent phage cocktails, because of minimal variance possible and still working
thus pharma is not interested because it cant make billions of $$$
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Her Husband Was Dying From A Superbug. She Turned To Sewer Viruses Collected By The Navy.
Two days after walking through the pyramids, Tom Patterson got very sick. The psychiatry professor was in Egypt with his wife on one of their many adventurous vacations away from life in California. One minute he was fine, hamming it up in a touristy horse-and-buggy ride across the desert. via Pocket
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Can a bacterial virus from Jerusalem sewage prevent root canal infections? | EurekAlert! Science News
Can a bacterial virus from Jerusalem sewage prevent root canal infections? Using vs biofilm bugs
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Mycobacteriophage Database | Home
Welcome to the Mycobacteriophage Database at, an interactive site that collects and shares information related to the discovery, characterization, and genomics of mycobacteriophages.
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