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Fluidkeys makes it easy to implement the best security practices and demonstrate your team's expertise with PGP. Sign up now!
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8 days ago by gilberto5757
Verschlüsselung fürs Mailkonto eingerichtet, zumindest als Angebot für Mailpartner. So einfach, wie…
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12 days ago by homofaber
Canary Mail - Best Email App for Mac & iOS with PGP Encryption
Modern email apps compromise on security or features. Canary does not.
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14 days ago by gdw
QR Codes for Storing Private Keys
So, storage of private keys is a problem.
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5 weeks ago by ssorc
Phil's PGP Docs
How to do GnuPG signing
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6 weeks ago by koozie
I'm giving up on PGP
Mostly I'll use Signal or WhatsApp, which offer vastly better endpoint security on iOS, ephemerality, and smoother key rotation.

If you need to securely contact me, your best bet is to DM me asking for my Signal number. If needed we can decide an appropriate way to compare fingerprints.

If we meet in person and need to setup a secure channel, we will just exchange a secret passphrase to use with what's most appropriate: OTR, Pond, Ricochet.

If it turns out we really need PGP, we will setup some ad-hoc keys, more à-la-Operational PGP. Same for any signed releases or canaries I might maintain in the future.

To exchange files, we will negotiate Magic Wormhole, OnionShare, or ad-hoc PGP keys over the secure channel we already have. The point is not to avoid the gpg tool, but the PGP key management model.

If you really need to cold-contact me, I might maintain a Keybase key, but no promises. I like rooting trust in your social profiles better since it makes key rotation much more natural, and is probably how most people know me anyway.

I'm also not dropping YubiKeys. I'm very happy about my new YubiKey 4 with touch-to-operate, which I use for SSH keys, password storage and machine bootstrap. But these things are 100% under my control.
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6 weeks ago by bwiese

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